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  • Family photo, Forty Hall 2015

    End Of A Decade – The 2010s

      The 2010s decade is over. I can’t be the only one that failed to realise we were coming to the end of a decade until around October last year? Since this century got underway…

    19th January 2020
  • New Year Rainbow

    2020 Let’s Do This!

      I can confidently say that 2020 isn’t going to be brilliant for us. In some ways, I like the freedom that being able to say that brings. I am sure it is going to be…

    12th January 2020
  • Sunset over the Adriatic Sea

    2019 in Review

      I said to a friend the other day that it didn’t feel like much happened in my life in 2019. After the shock and despair of 2018 there was certainly nothing so dramatic…

    10th January 2020
  • The Science Museum
    Grief Notes Life

    Checking In – April 2019

      Wow it’s been a while. The last time I wrote a blog post and publicised it was 7 months ago. Andy has been gone for 10 months now. I’ve been updating the blog…

    7th April 2019
  • Goal Setting and Intentions for 2018

    Goal Setting and Intentions for 2018

    Thoughts on Goal Setting I’m guessing – now it’s February – you’ve thought about your plans / goals / intentions for the coming year. Of course, you can set those at any time not…

    20th February 2018
  • Life

    Things I want to remember about 2017

      Happy New Year! How’s your 2018 going so far? I’m treading softly into it, negotiating a grey January and edging forward with various house decorating and decluttering projects. I’m giving thought to the…

    12th January 2018
  • Simple DIY Wreath Making
    Happiness Life

    Last Minute Easy Christmas Wreath

      If you still haven’t got a Christmas wreath (or table centrepiece) and fancy something original – you can try an easy DIY using a wreath base from a garden centre (a plain wreath…

    14th December 2017
  • Life

    Bargain school uniform at Aldi!

    Did you know that discount supermarket Aldi sells school uniform? For a limited time only, the Aldi Specialbuys Back to School range will be available in stores from 14th July until they sell out.…

    9th July 2016
  • Life

    A Family Photo Shoot by Julia Sedinkina

    We had some family photos taken last weekend and I’m in love with them! Whilst I take thousands of photos of the girls, I can count the photos we have of the four of…

    25th August 2015
  • decorating the Christmas tree

    10 Signs You’re A Parent At Christmas

      1. In the past the Christmas season would be kicked off with a Christmas party held – FAR TOO EARLY – in the first week of December. You would begrudgingly attend the event though…

    4th December 2014
  • Life

    Imogen’s Birth Story

    This is a much shorter story than the 3 part epic tale of her big sister’s birth! As I wrote in the last instalment of my pregnancy diaries, I had a membrane sweep at…

    2nd June 2014