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Grief Notes

  • Brancaster Beach, 31st May 2019
    Grief Notes

    Scattering His Ashes

      I’ve never scattered ashes before or really had anything to do with them. My grandparents are buried in a cemetery in West London. My father’s ashes are buried in a church graveyard in Manchester. I…

    22nd July 2019
  • The Science Museum
    Grief Notes Life

    Checking In – April 2019

      Wow it’s been a while. The last time I wrote a blog post and publicised it was 7 months ago. Andy has been gone for 10 months now. I’ve been updating the blog…

    7th April 2019
  • Girls walking through the snowy trees at Lapland UK Christmas 2018
    Grief Notes

    Christmas After Loss

      I think it’s usual to want to escape to somewhere hot and sunny the first Christmas after a loss. Somewhere without the usual traditions to remind you of Christmases past and what you’ve…

    23rd March 2019
  • Beautiful tree with red leaves in Regent's Park
    Grief Notes

    Autumn Blues

      After September, I guess I didn’t have any big distractions any more. The fogginess of the early days was lifting and I was more able to take in what was happening. Daytimes were…

    21st March 2019
  • Plate of blueberry pancakes with 1 blue candle
    Grief Notes

    September Birthday Celebrations

      I am finally getting round to publishing some long overdue blog post drafts, here is the first one, going back 6 months ago to late summer / early autumn… If June into July…

    13th March 2019
  • Grief Notes

    9 Weeks

      9 weeks gone. 2 months and 2 days. The months that have a 31st in them have new meaning now. As another Thursday rolls round I can add another number to the weeks…

    2nd August 2018
  • The First Two Weeks Without Him
    Grief Notes

    The first two weeks without him

      Just over two weeks ago I read an article showing newly released photos from Lyndon B. Johnson’s hurried inauguration on board Air Force One hours after JFK’s assassination. Jackie Kennedy stood next to…

    14th June 2018