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  • Family photo, Forty Hall 2015

    End Of A Decade – The 2010s

      The 2010s decade is over. I can’t be the only one that failed to realise we were coming to the end of a decade until around October last year? Since this century got underway…

    19th January 2020
  • New Year Rainbow

    2020 Let’s Do This!

      I can confidently say that 2020 isn’t going to be brilliant for us. In some ways, I like the freedom that being able to say that brings. I am sure it is going to be…

    12th January 2020
  • Sunset over the Adriatic Sea

    2019 in Review

      I said to a friend the other day that it didn’t feel like much happened in my life in 2019. After the shock and despair of 2018 there was certainly nothing so dramatic…

    10th January 2020
  • Brancaster Beach, 31st May 2019
    Grief Notes

    Scattering His Ashes

      I’ve never scattered ashes before or really had anything to do with them. My grandparents are buried in a cemetery in West London. My father’s ashes are buried in a church graveyard in Manchester. I…

    22nd July 2019
  • Brancaster, May 2019

    Ode to Norfolk

      It was the proximity to home that first attracted us to Norfolk 5 years ago. We wanted a short trip away in early September to celebrate Andy’s 40th and had a 3 month old…

    6th July 2019
  • The Science Museum
    Grief Notes Life

    Checking In – April 2019

      Wow it’s been a while. The last time I wrote a blog post and publicised it was 7 months ago. Andy has been gone for 10 months now. I’ve been updating the blog…

    7th April 2019
  • New Year 2019 Watergate Bay

    A New Year Escape

      New Year. I had to get away. I always find the lull after Christmas Day a bit claustrophobic. Too much time spent indoors under artificial light. Or brief trips to the local playground…

    7th April 2019
  • Girls walking through the snowy trees at Lapland UK Christmas 2018
    Grief Notes

    Christmas After Loss

      I think it’s usual to want to escape to somewhere hot and sunny the first Christmas after a loss. Somewhere without the usual traditions to remind you of Christmases past and what you’ve…

    23rd March 2019
  • Beautiful tree with red leaves in Regent's Park
    Grief Notes

    Autumn Blues

      After September, I guess I didn’t have any big distractions any more. The fogginess of the early days was lifting and I was more able to take in what was happening. Daytimes were…

    21st March 2019
  • Plate of blueberry pancakes with 1 blue candle
    Grief Notes

    September Birthday Celebrations

      I am finally getting round to publishing some long overdue blog post drafts, here is the first one, going back 6 months ago to late summer / early autumn… If June into July…

    13th March 2019
  • Adventures

    Staying out for the summer

      If you glanced through my summer photos and didn’t know the backstory (how often do we do that on social media?), then you would be forgiven for thinking we had an idyllic summer. …

    16th September 2018
  • Grief Notes

    9 Weeks

      9 weeks gone. 2 months and 2 days. The months that have a 31st in them have new meaning now. As another Thursday rolls round I can add another number to the weeks…

    2nd August 2018