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Valentine’s Kids’ Afternoon Tea

10th February 2016
Kids Valentine's Tea

I love celebrating Valentine’s with the girls – it’s a visually pleasing celebration after the bleakness of January and it’s fun talking about the concept of ‘love’ in broader terms. Seren says that mummy loves chocolate and daddy loves it when she tidies up! Not wrong there on either count.

But! The problem here with Valentine’s Day is that it falls on my birthday so, in this house, the day is all about ME, ME, ME (insert semi-evil laugh). So, we had a little early Valentine’s afternoon tea with the kids, which gave Seren and I the opportunity to make liberal use of the heart shaped cutters.

I think they enjoyed it (especially the sweet stuff) and Imogen loved making a huge mess with her smoothie (blame the person who have a toddler a grown up cup and straw, I guess) so it turned into a sensory experience too (!).


We made:

  • Savoury:
    • Heart shaped pizzas – make up dough from a packet (or from scratch if that is your thing) then cut out using a large heart shaped cutter. We added half and half passata and tomato puree then grated cheese and cooked in the oven for around 10 minutes on 200 degrees C.
    • Ham sandwiches (using Warburtons Thins which we love), again cut into heart shapes (daddy ate the leftover bits).
    • Red pepper houmous – roast a red pepper whole until the skin is blackened. Remove bits of skin that come off easily (don’t worry too much about the rest), discard seeds and stalk and whizz in a food processor with half a can of chickpeas (drained), a dessertspoon each of olive oil and lemon juice, a small crushed garlic clove and a pinch of smoked paprika (or more for more spice).
    • We had tomatoes and heart shaped cheese, cucumber and red pepper to dip.
  • Sweet:
    • Blueberries in pink cake cases
    • Fairy cakes decorated with pink icing and sweets (I keep plain fairy cakes from the supermarket in the freezer for impromptu cake decorating fun with kids!)
    • Love Hearts
    • Heart shaped chocolates
    • Strawberry Fruit Hearts (from the Fruit Factory Fruit Shapes for Kids range)
  • Drink:
    • Berry smoothie – a few frozen berries whizzed with milk

Other ideas: Hot chocolate with mini pink marshmallows, Baby Bel cheeses, large pink marshmallows or strawberries dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles and Organix red pepper hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day for this weekend and have fun celebrating with kids or with the love of your life!

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