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Valentine’s Crafting Toddler Style

4th February 2016

With all the illness we’ve had over the last month, we’ve been stuck indoors for days on end. Which means sticker books, Happyland, Magiclip dolls, crafting, bird watching, a bit of baking and rather a lot of TV (they are both really into Mia & Me on Netflix at the moment and are turning unicorn crazy).

I actually set this craft activity up for Seren (aged 4) but she wasn’t interested in doing it when the time came (she was probably watching Mia & Me). I was going to put it aside for later but then Imogen (20 months old) came to see what I was up to and began to pick up the bits of paper and lay them on the canvas so I decided to do it with her (so this is a mummy and toddler craft really).

I haven’t really done much crafting with Imogen but she’s always keen to follow her sister with stickers, colouring and, when I’m feeling brave, paint …. and now glue!

This is a simple activity that involves taking a canvas (or thick paper or card) and making a shape with PVA glue (I chose a Valentine’s heart and drew it with chalk first) then sticking bits of paper, sequins, cut up straws, pompoms (or pasta, corn shapes etc) to the glue shape to make a collage. I cut bits of red and pink paper with a heart shaped cutter and scrunched up pieces of pink tissue paper. I also painted the canvas first but you could leave it blank.

Imogen soon worked out that she had to put the bits and pieces onto the glue to get them to stay on the canvas. We talked a bit about colours and shapes too as we were doing this (she’s copying lots of words now). It all pretty much held her interest until the craft was finished and she helped me shake glitter over it at the end. It’s a cheery piece and it’s robust as it’s on the canvas – I’m going to stick it up in the girls’ play corner that I am slowly re-vamping at the moment.

Full instructions: 

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