Toddler Summer Fun

11th June 2013

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LS & I have an extra day together during the week now which is lovely but a little scary … all that time together and what to do? I thought it would be good to plan some fun and cheap activities for us for over the summer to avoid getting stale.

I tend to fill our days at home in half hour bursts of activity rotating between being totally toddler focused (reading books or doing puzzles or drawing together); independent play (pushing around her dolly or re-arranging her cuddly toys or doing her own toddler version of a scavenger hunt); helping mummy (cooking or gardening or sorting out the washing) then eating, drinking and watching a little TV takes up the rest of the awake time.

The other week I noticed LS having fun with the rainwater collected in pots in the garden so I filled the washing up bowl with bubbles and some plastic crockery and took it outside. She loved pouring the water into the different containers, splashing and drinking it (ooops) too. It made me think about other things we could do this summer without spending a load of cash:

  1. Find a bridge to play Pooh sticks on – can’t think of anything local so far, will have to do a bit more research
  2. Drawing on the patio with chalk and letting the rain wash it off
  3. Splash landings in the garden – padding pool and sprinkler fun
  4. Making our own ice lollies – smoothie lollies are going down well here so far this summer
  5. Feeding the ducks responsibly
  6. Visiting the library – wet weather option! We don’t do this nearly enough
  7. Picking the tomatoes and strawberries we are growing in the garden
  8. Building sandcastles at the beach
  9. Having afternoon tea with the teddies
  10. Climbing into the play tent in the garden for story time

I’ve been collecting ideas on Pinterest.

There are about 11 weeks until the end of August – I’ll post about which of these we get up to and whether they were a hit with LS!

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