The garden in November

13th November 2014

the garden in novemberUp to this week we’ve had a lot of bonus time in the garden this autumn what with all the lovely, mild weather we’ve had. Some of our summer plants are still going strong too, such as the fuchsia.

the garden in november the garden in novemberGenerally things have died off though and there are a thousand autumn leaves from the surrounding trees covering the ground. I managed to spend an October afternoon clearing up, cutting back and planting bulbs for spring. Andy’s parents gave us a bag of 150 tulips as an anniversary present and we added daffodil, allium, hyacinth and crocus bulbs to that. I planted them in layers in various pots and hanging baskets, much easier than trying to get them down deep enough into the flower beds. We’ll probably add some of them to the beds when they bloom in the spring, I know we have other bulbs in there somewhere, but who knows where they are and which ones will flower!

the garden in november the garden in november

I planted some bargain winter plants into some of the pots; cyclamen, heather, ivy and ornamental cabbages. I covered the rest of the pots with netting to deter the opportunist squirrels (Seren is on squirrel watch). We haven’t had cyclamen and ornamental cabbages before so it will be interested to see how long they last but I’m enjoying looking at them through the rain when I’m having my morning coffee and tuning out the chaos inside the house.

The Garden In July

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