The garden in July

31st July 2014

After the almost daily excitement of new growth in April to June, things have very much settled down in July with a few things dying off too. The roses and geraniums have been deadheaded to encourage new flowers to come, including on the pink rosebush our neighbours gave us when Imogen was born.

july garden

The gorgeous deep pink hydrangea continues to be the star of the show as far as I’m concerned. Andy has started to talk about moving it in the autumn as it will fill a bare corner but I’m loath to do that and see it not do so well next year.

july gardenIn the borders, I’m loving the growth of this foliage and thinking of putting more ‘spiky’ plants in to fill some gaps next year.

july garden

The passiflora has been flowering! Really striking flowers that unfortunately do not last long at all.

july garden

We moved the aquilegia towards the back of the flowerbed, in front of the passiflora, in the spring and it hasn’t done as well this year. The jasmine climber in the other bed has been in flower and smells divine, I just wish it was about 5 times as big! It seems to be a slow grower.

july gardenIn contrast the new jasmine in the apple crate which we planted this year, is doing really well! It’s reached the light fitting height wise and we are wondering how long it will be before we can wind it horizontally along the top of the doors.

july garden The bedding plants in the boxes and tubs are doing well too. Which is more than can be said about the bedding plants in our super dry flower bed and don’t even mention the hanging baskets, we choose the wrong plants for those, better luck next year!

july garden july gardenThe tomatoes and squash continue to grow and are just starting to bear fruit.

july garden

We’ve now picked the peas and dug up the potatoes which was great fun for Seren.

july garden july garden july garden july garden july garden

Seren’s also enjoyed playing in her new sand box which we’ve put at the top of the garden (where we are more tolerant to mess!). I bought this clear plastic box from IKEA with the intention of using it as under-cot storage but it’s too tall to fit. Balanced on a couple of small tables it makes a great sand box! Did you know you can get coloured sand from the Early Learning Centre?

july garden july garden

It’s been so hot we’ve mainly been using the garden in the evening when its cooler.

july garden

We don’t have any shade until 4pm which is no good for Imogen and I so we’ve finally got round to buying an umbrella for our table and are looking forward to eating out there more. Apologies if this signals the end of the hot, sunny weather…

july garden

The garden in June and May. 


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