The CBeebies Prom at the Royal Albert Hall

12th October 2016
Cbeebies Prom 2016 at The Royal Albert Hall


I still have a bunch of stories from the summer holidays to write up (I’m hoping to get through them by half-term!). On the August Bank Holiday weekend Seren and I went to watch the CBeebies Prom being filmed at the Royal Albert Hall.

It’s the second time that CBeebies has done a Prom and though we didn’t watch the 2014 one, Seren loves their pantomimes and the Shakespeare production they did and it was relatively easy to get tickets for the Prom (you buy them as opposed to the ballot allocation that you get with the pantomime) so I went for it.

Aimed at 0-5 year olds the show is a wonderful introduction to classical music with the BBC Concert Orchestra and some of the CBeebies characters taking you on a fun, musical journey through time and space. I didn’t take Imogen by the way, as she can’t sit still for very long but I did actually think afterwards that she would have probably enjoyed it.

I love the Royal Albert Hall, and Seren was slightly in awe I think. He neck was craned looking up at it as we approached and she didn’t mind at all the few flights of stairs we climbed to our seats near  the top. We were up in a row of booths for 4, a bit like being in a box and made friends with the little boy and his mum who were sat in front of us. We soon climbed back down the flights of stairs again to find some sweets (I completely forgot to take snacks) and to buy a programme then back up again but that was fine as she doesn’t like sitting still for too long.

The show starts with the CBeebies presenters coming on stage – among then were Andy, Mr Bloom, Gem, Will Shakespeare and Chris – along with the BBC Orchestra led by conductor Jessica Cottis. The orchestra were all in bright coloured t-shirts. They began by playing a bit of some familiar CBeebies theme tunes such as Topsy and Tim which got Seren’s interest. We are then taken on a musical journey where each presenter exploring somewhere / something – from dinosaur adventures with Andy to swashbuckling treasure-hunts with Gemma and stargazing with Chris. The Orchestra played a piece of classical music inspired by that subject. There’s also video bits where Mr Tumble gives us clues as to where the next adventure is.

Seren loved the bits when the presenters were chatting, even though we were quite high up and they were quite small in the distance. She did get a bit twitchy during the music parts and struggled to keep focused but the child friendly programme with stickers and the sweets came in handy for these bits. I loved listening to the pieces and found it all quite relaxing. As relaxing as these things can be with a 4 year old in tow.

Towards the end there was a (spoiler alert!) surprise, real life appearance from Tiny Clanger which Seren says was her favourite part. Seren has loved watching the show on TV since knowing that we were there and it’s available on the BBC iPlayer for just another 3 days (until Saturday 15th October) if you haven’t seen it yet!

Hopefully there will another Proms next year or the one after so I can take Imogen.

Also, the BBC recently released information on this year’s CBeebies Panto – it’s going the be The Nutcracker and will be filmed at The Crucible in Sheffield. The ballot will open soon but no details on that yet! We won’t be entering the ballot as Sheffield is a bit far for us but we can’t wait to watch it on TV – Seren loves The Nutcracker story and dressed up as Clara for World Book Day.

Happy viewing!

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