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Valentine’s Crafting Toddler Style

With all the illness we’ve had over the last month, we’ve been stuck indoors for days on end. Which means sticker books, Happyland, Magiclip dolls, crafting, bird watching, a bit of baking and rather a lot of TV (they are both really into Mia…

4th February 2016

Bunches! {Living Arrows 1/52}

There’s something about the turning of the year that makes me dwell on how quickly my girls are growing. I started 2015 with a baby and ended with a toddler. And that toddler will be a little girl by the time 2016 ends. We’ve…

4th January 2016

Imogen at 18 Months Old

18 month olds are little hurricanes! Fierce, energetic whirlwinds. They can infuriate you with their spirit, persistence and cheekiness and melt you in the next moment with saying new words and giving you a kiss and a cuddle. This stage is hard work but…

19th November 2015

Seren at 3 and a quarter

Photo above of Seren as a bridesmaid at a wedding last week. She really enjoyed the day, wearing her ‘wedding dress’, dancing, twirling around and having her photo taken. She is fairly confident and loves doing girly things. I curled her hair that morning for…

5th January 2015
When daddy dresses up as Father Christmas and your toddler has no idea it's him!
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10 Ways To Make Christmas With Babies or Toddlers Easier!

  Expectations – Keep plans and expectations low key and just go with the flow. Just because it’s your baby’s first (second or third!) Christmas, doesn’t mean it will necessary be magical (i.e. more sleep filled and less demanding than usual!). Decorations – if your…

11th December 2014

The Joys of Potty Training

“Joy” being sarcastic, just in case you were wondering. It has been horrendous, easily one of the hardest steps in our parenting journey so far. It’s not something you can “teach” them to do, you can show them but there are so many factors that need…

10th September 2014

Toddler Summer Fun

LS & I have an extra day together during the week now which is lovely but a little scary … all that time together and what to do? I thought it would be good to plan some fun and cheap activities for us for…

11th June 2013