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Sisters, April 2017

  April has all been about sister time what with the school holidays starting on the 1st April! Though I’ve noticed that Imogen has been a bit frustrated with having to share her home space and there is the usual bickering, they’ve mostly enjoyed…

15th April 2017
Spring days & new dresses

Jumping into Spring

  Wahoo, first day of spring! And we’ve woken up to rain boo. Good for the garden I suppose. We did get out yesterday and the girls had a lot of fun in our friends’ garden bouncing on the trampoline. I love a trampoline…

20th March 2017
Sisters at Trent Park
Adventures Memories

A Little Help From My Sister

  I snapped these photos on Sunday over at Trent Park. It was a lovely sunny autumn day after a day of greyness and heavy rain the day before. Imogen is a total monkey when it comes to climbing, much more confident than Seren…

15th November 2016

Sisters | September 2016

I haven’t done a ‘sisters’ post since January so I thought it was about time for another. I did start a draft in March and reading it back it was mostly about them squabbling. Which they still do, of course, they are siblings but it’s…

15th September 2016

Sisters | January 2016

It’s been ages since I did a Sisters post (August 2015) so I thought it was about time for another one! Life moves so quick with little ones (I know, everyone says it and it’s such a cliche because it’s true – the days…

15th January 2016

Being a little sister {Living Arrows 49/52}

  Living Arrows is the weekly photo project that we take part in hosted by photographer A couple of times a week, Seren will come home from school with a ‘well done’ sticker sticker stuck to her jumper. We stick them up on the…

7th December 2015

Sisters | August 2015

There are two main things going on at the moment. On the one hand they are very sweet with each other, Imogen gets so excited to see Seren and Seren gets excited about all the new stuff Imogen can do. On the other hand…

12th August 2015

Sisters | June 2015

I had to take these photos whilst the girls were running around as it’s impossible to get them to sit together at the moment! Not even to eat lunch. Well impossible to get Imogen to sit down at all. They are still playing quite…

12th June 2015

Sisters | May 2015 

I thought it was time for another sisters post to celebrate a year of the girls being sisters (yep Imogen turns 1 on Friday, how quickly has that time gone!). Interestingly, I was chatting to Seren about when I was pregnant with Imogen the…

13th May 2015

Sisters | February 2015

Since I wrote the last Sisters post in October, there have been a couple of interesting twists to their relationship: 1) Imogen is on the move now and Seren has found it hard to adjust to Imogen grabbing at her toys and wanting to…

13th February 2015

Sisters | October 2014

After nervously preparing Seren for Imogen’s arrival, it’s been wonderful to watch the special relationship between these sisters develop. I spent some time yesterday with both girls cuddled on my lap and Seren telling me that Imogen was her darling. There have been a…

13th October 2014

Preparing your child for the new baby

AKA getting #1 ready for #2. Seren absolutely adores Imogen so I feel we did a pretty good job of getting her used to the idea of having a baby sister. Something we didn’t do so well is prepare her for not having complete…

29th August 2014