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  • Nativity Angel

    Nativity Angel

      Another festive weekend here and we finally got our tree! Feels late for us this year. Then Seren took part in the Nativity service yesterday at a local church. She was one of…

    12th December 2016
  • Rainbows-Girl-Guiding-For-5-to-7-Year-Olds

    Rainbows, Girl Guiding for 5-7 Year Olds

      Seren joined Rainbows, Girl Guiding for 5-7 year olds, at the beginning of this term. She made her ‘promise’ a couple of weeks ago and officially became a Girlguiding member. She said her words…

    21st November 2016
  • Memories

    A Magnificent 5th Birthday

      Magnificent was the word that Seren used to describe her 5th birthday party. I wanted to write that down to remember because sometimes it can feel a bit one way this parenting lark…

    28th September 2016
  • Adventures Memories

    Family Wedding + Flower Girls

    We’ve had a big weekend – the girls were flower girls at their uncle and new auntie’s wedding! It was a lovely day and the girls had a huge amount of fun. I was…

    6th June 2016
  • Adventures

    Disney’s Zootropolis and Clarks Shoes

    Seren and I had a lovely adventure in London last Sunday, brunch in Soho followed by a preview screening of the new Disney film Zootropolis. We were on a train for 8am (yawn) along…

    24th March 2016
  • Memories

    Being A Mermaid {Living Arrows 4/52}

    We went to a 4th birthday party on Sunday – with a fancy dress theme of ‘what you want to be when you grow up’. This was a cool idea for a theme, allowing…

    25th January 2016
  • Memories

    Winter Garden Play {Living Arrows 2/52}

    We headed out to a local park to enjoy the bright day but within about 2 minutes, Imogen had fallen into a puddle, covering herself in mud (even her face) so we turned back…

    11th January 2016
  • Memories

    Settling Into Pre-school – The First Half Term

    Seren started at the pre-school class at our local primary school in September. Even though it’s still very “nurturing” being the nursery class (with a lot of play!) and the classroom is separate from…

    12th November 2015
  • Memories

    Seren turns 4!

    Seren turned 4 last month! She had her party 10 days before her birthday (which left her slightly confused about whether she was now 4 or still 3 after her party – I said…

    30th October 2015
  • Memories

    Living Arrows 43/52

    Living Arrows is the weekly portrait project run by which we take part in. It’s a lovely way of choosing my favourite photo or photos of the girls from the week before. We’ve been thinking…

    26th October 2015
  • Memories

    Sisters | August 2015

    There are two main things going on at the moment. On the one hand they are very sweet with each other, Imogen gets so excited to see Seren and Seren gets excited about all…

    12th August 2015
  • Memories

    Leaving nursery & starting school

    Big changes are happening here! 2 weeks ago Seren left the nursery she has been at since she was 8 months old. In September, she will start in the nursery class at our local…

    3rd August 2015