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    Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 37- 40

    Family snaps at 38+2 weeks  The final instalment! It’s obviously a bit hectic here at the moment and Imogen’s had a rollercoaster first week even by newborn baby standards. I’ll tell you about that…

    26th May 2014
  • Memories

    Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 33-36

    33 and 36 weeks pregnant  At the end of week 32 I started maternity leave! Well, strictly speaking I took a block of annual leave until my official maternity leave started at the beginning of…

    7th May 2014
  • Memories

    Seren’s Birth Story Part 2 | At Home

    Seren at a couple of hours old About 36 hours after my last sweep, at 3am on the Wednesday I was woken up by back pain that I couldn’t sleep through. Certainly much more…

    29th April 2014
  • Lifestyle

    Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 21-24

    Sequins and the bump // 20 weeks pregnant, Christmas Day 2013 This was a bit of a lull time pregnancy wise, after the 20 week scan and over the Christmas break. Fortunately I was…

    17th April 2014
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    Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 17-20

    The bump during my 17th and 19th weeks Two lovely things happened at around the 17 week mark, my bump began to pop out and I started to feel the first baby flutterings. Both…

    8th April 2014
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    Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 9-12

    Week 9 started with the excitement of my “booking in appointment” and the first chance to see a midwife. I’m not in love with the way they do this at my local hospital, you…

    14th March 2014
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    Little Star Number Two!

    Ok, so here’s the reason it’s been quiet around here lately – we are expecting an addition to our family next spring! We’re hugely excited of course but I’ve been feeling terrible, exactly like…

    2nd December 2013