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Spring days & new dresses

Jumping into Spring

  Wahoo, first day of spring! And we’ve woken up to rain boo. Good for the garden I suppose. We did get out yesterday and the girls had a lot of fun in our friends’ garden bouncing on the trampoline. I love a trampoline…

20th March 2017
fathers day fun

Father’s Day Fun

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As I had spent Friday afternoon / evening and all day Saturday at Blogtacular, I was delighted that Andy favoured a quiet Father’s Day yesterday. After his obligatory lie in, he pottered around in the garden and did some…

20th June 2016

Winter Garden Play {Living Arrows 2/52}

We headed out to a local park to enjoy the bright day but within about 2 minutes, Imogen had fallen into a puddle, covering herself in mud (even her face) so we turned back round to home. After getting her changed, we went outside…

11th January 2016

Snail watching

Last Friday, when a whole month’s worth of rain fell in one day (or so it felt), the girls and I spent a good 20 minutes watching a snail slithering along the patio outside. It was huge! And was obviously trying to find it’s…

30th July 2015
A Creative Life

Our Sunflower and Tomato Seeds

A couple of weeks ago we planted some sunflower and tomato seeds to grow on the windowsill. Seren loved to help, which is why some of the pots have slightly more than the 3 seeds in that I was aiming for. I bought the…

5th May 2015

The garden in November

Up to this week we’ve had a lot of bonus time in the garden this autumn what with all the lovely, mild weather we’ve had. Some of our summer plants are still going strong too, such as the fuchsia. Generally things have died off…

13th November 2014
Adventures Lifestyle Memories

Our Autumn List

Hey there autumn! Last year I was in an early pregnancy haze so we all missed out on enjoying it. It’s time to put away the sunscreen and the sunhats and dig out our woollies. Autumn is my favourite season and we have lots to look…

24th September 2014

The garden in July

After the almost daily excitement of new growth in April to June, things have very much settled down in July with a few things dying off too. The roses and geraniums have been deadheaded to encourage new flowers to come, including on the pink…

31st July 2014

The garden in June

We’ve been lucky to spend quite a lot of June in the garden! Playing with the usual toys, drawing with pavement chalks, chasing bubbles, having real and pretend picnics and sliding into the paddling pool. There’s lots of colour at the moment, we planted…

26th June 2014

Early summer at Myddelton House Gardens

We had our first family-of-four outing last Friday. Just a local trip to Myddelton House Gardens as we wanted to a) not go very far; b) have minimal financial outlay, as we didn’t know if we’d have to rush home if it all got…

9th June 2014

The garden in May

Lots of sofa time snuggling my newborn means I’m watching a lot more TV than usual and last week MrS and I were glued to the BBC coverage of the Chelsea Garden Show. How times change, I was barely aware of the show’s existence…

30th May 2014
Adventures Lifestyle Memories

Capel Manor Gardens

Early last month, we headed up to Capel Manor Gardens for an afternoon out. It was that bleak period after new year but before the world has truly got back into the swing of things and we had the gardens to ourself! Capel Manor…

11th February 2014
Adventures Lifestyle Memories

June in Photos

A lovely month: sunny, lots of birthdays, Father’s Day and quite a bit of “me time” too … left to right, top to bottom:  * Cocktails at Wahaca, lunch with friends and no children * When in Brussels … work trip * Afternoon crochet…

5th July 2013
Adventures Lifestyle Memories


Here is a round up of our May, mostly using Instagram photos. It’s fabulous to see so many of our photos were taken outside in the sunshine hurrah! Out & About: clockwise from top left: * Our day out at Coram’s Fields * Picking daisies…

3rd June 2013