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Lewis of London Ice-Cream Farm

Sunshine, splashing and London’s Ice Cream Farm

  I feel like we’ve well and truly started summer over the last few days! Picnics, building sandcastles, BBQs, paddling pool, suncream, sunhats and sandals on! Which all feels a bit strange given we haven’t even had Easter yet. Yesterday, we popped to the…

10th April 2017
Lambing At Forty Hall Farm

Lambing Weekend At Forty Hall Farm

  I can’t think of a better way of spending a gorgeously, sunny March Sunday than getting out in the sunshine and seeing signs of spring in abundance. We spent yesterday lunchtime (Mother’s Day, happy belated Mother’s Day by the way!) at Forty Hall…

27th March 2017
Belmont Children's Farm, Mill Hill, London

Belmont Children’s Farm

  Imogen and I went over to Belmont Children’s Farm in Mill Hill for a midweek treat last week after being cooped indoors with illness for a few days. Like a lot of toddlers, she is very happy around animals and I fancied a…

10th November 2016

Sunday at Hackney City Farm

For a city so humungous and busy as London, it’s really quite cool that there are so many pockets of greenery and wildlife. From the large Royal Parks such as Greenwich Park to the garden squares to the nature reserve at Camley Street and the…

3rd August 2016
santa spectacular at willow's farm

Santa Spectacular at Willows Farm

  We kicked off the festive season in a truly fabulous style this weekend starting with Seren’s Christmas ballet show, a Cinderella panto (more on that soon!) and then a trip to the Santa Spectacular at Willows Farm near St Albans on Sunday. We…

1st December 2015
Adventures Memories

A Birthday Party at Godstone Farm, Surrey

Seren and I nipped round the M25 for a birthday party at Godstone Farm a couple of weeks ago. Now that Imogen is older, I’m trying to do more things with Seren just the two of us. And as Seren is now potty trained, I think…

4th December 2014

Autumn Sensory Tub

After completing our salt dough leaves and handprint autumn trees, I put together a sensory tub for Seren to play with. This was filled with brown rice and orange lentils and we started out by putting in a little wooden farm set, our salt…

3rd December 2014
Adventures Memories

The Ghost of Halloween at Lee Valley Park Farms

We headed up to Lee Valley Park Farms again last Sunday, this time with daddy in tow too. After our lovely visit in August, I snapped up discounted entry tickets via Littlebird thinking it would be good to go one weekend. But we’ve been very…

4th November 2014
Adventures Memories

Down on the farm with HUGGIES Pull-Ups

I’ve recently written about our potty training journey and how Pull-Ups formed a key part of our success. We still use HUGGIES Disney Princess Night-Time Pull-Ups for bedtimes (“they aren’t nappies mummy, they are special big girl’s night time princess pants!”) and will do for…

26th September 2014
Adventures Memories

An afternoon at Lee Valley Park Farms

We had planned a get together with some friends for an afternoon in early August. One friend was taking the afternoon off work, so we felt we should do something “worthy” of that and another friend has recently started to drive again, so we…

12th September 2014
Adventures Memories

Willows Farm Village, Hertfordshire

We finally made it to Willows Farm a couple of weeks ago! It’s only a 20 minute drive from here and pretty much everyone I know locally with children has been. The entrance fee is a bit on the expensive side compared to other local farms…

16th April 2014
Adventures Memories

Coram’s Fields

We had a lovely May Day holiday weekend and kicked off the fun by meeting friends at Coram’s Fields on Friday. It was our first visit to this children’s park near Russell Square and we were mightily impressed! We started with lunch at the…

8th May 2013