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  • Geneology Course With NCC Home Learning

    Learning a New Skill With NCC Home Learning

      If you are thinking about starting a course to expand your skills, retrain or get back onto work after a break, then read on! NCC Home Learning Award winning NCC Home Learning offer a huge…

    6th June 2017
  • Memories

    Seren at 3

      I last did an update at the end of May just as Seren was becoming a big sister. She’s still enjoying big sister status and is very protective of baby Imogen. It’s very…

    29th September 2014
  • Memories

    Imogen at 1 month!

    Top 3 photos at 1 month old, bottom 2 photos at 2 weeks old Imogen is a whole month old already! The month has flown by, though at the same time it feels like she…

    18th June 2014
  • Memories

    Seren at 2 and a half

    It’s been almost 6 months since I did a development update on Seren so here is a long overdue snapshot of life as a 2 and a half (and a bit) year old! Being a ‘big…

    28th May 2014
  • Memories

    23 months!

    And I missed 22 months ooops. To be honest, I’ve been a bit “head in the sand” about the approaching 2nd birthday, it really feels like she isn’t a baby any more. I think…

    9th September 2013
  • Memories

    Little Star at 20 Months

    I missed out 19 months. But then 18 months was sort of late. And things change so fast at the moment I start writing this post in my head then the next day it…

    7th June 2013