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Girls walking through the snowy trees at Lapland UK Christmas 2018
Lifestyle Memories

Christmas After Loss

  I think it’s usual to want to escape to somewhere hot and sunny the first Christmas after a loss. Somewhere without the usual traditions to remind you of Christmases past and what you’ve lost. A hot beach and plenty of uplifting sunshine was…

23rd March 2019
Simple Child 'Thank You' Pictures
A Creative Life Memories

Simple ‘Thank You’ Pictures

  Today, I’m sharing an idea for simple ‘thank you’ pictures. Kids can easily create some quick ‘thank you’ pictures to send to friends and relatives to say thank you for Christmas gifts. Saying thank you Obviously it’s polite to say thank you in…

9th January 2018
Staying Happy At Christmas
Lifestyle Wellbeing

Staying Happy In The Run Up To Christmas

  Well, hello, it has been a while! It’s so hard to get back into blogging after taking a break but I’m jumping in here with a post about festive overwhelm. It may be the most wonderful time of the year but it often…

14th December 2017
Simple DIY Wreath Making
A Creative Life

Last Minute Easy Christmas Wreath

  If you still haven’t got a Christmas wreath (or table centrepiece) and fancy something original – you can try an easy DIY using a wreath base from a garden centre (a plain wreath made using fir tree cut offs). I’ve made my own…

14th December 2017
mini cheese pastries
A Creative Life

The Most Amazing Mini Cheese Pastries

  Based on a Delia Smith recipe for vegetarian ‘sausage’ rolls, these cheese pastries are the most popular item of any buffet / party spread I ever put on (more popular then proper sausage rolls or mini sausages!). They disappear within minutes and quite often…

14th December 2017
London's Christmas Lights 2016

London’s Christmas Lights

  A couple of Saturday’s ago, I took Seren into London to see the Christmas lights and shop windows to help us get into the Christmas mood. We started at Trafalgar Square and meandered down the Strand, up through Covent Garden and Seven Dials…

12th December 2017
Christmas Eve

Christmas 2016

  Happy Twixmas! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying these funny in-between days. We are enjoying having some down time all together after such a hectic December. Kids are playing with new toys, lots of films are being watched, I’m…

29th December 2016
Father Christmas Visit at Springtime Nurseries
Adventures Memories

Santa at Springtime Nurseries

  We went to see Santa at Springtime Nurseries last week after school. Springtime is a local garden centre that completely becomes a Christmas destination at this time of year with fabulous displays, reindeer, huts selling mulled wine and hot chocolate, a snow globe, a…

22nd December 2016
Nativity Angel

Nativity Angel

  Another festive weekend here and we finally got our tree! Feels late for us this year. Then Seren took part in the Nativity service yesterday at a local church. She was one of the angels (in obligatory tinsel) and took to it without…

12th December 2016
Kids Paper Christmas Wreath DIY
A Creative Life

Easy Kids Craft – Paper Christmas Wreath

  My two do most of their crafting at school or playgroup these days (Imogen has come home with a ton of decorations over the last 2 weeks) but we still like to do the odd thing at home and I like to have simple…

8th December 2016

Glitter, Father Christmas, Elsa & New Dresses

  This is a bit of a ‘bits and pieces’ post covering a few things over the last week, the first Christmas-y week. Though we don’t have our tree or many decorations up yet – we’ve had a festive week. Imogen has been coming home…

6th December 2016
christmas crayon DIY / tutorial
A Creative Life

Christmas Crayon DIY

  If you have a toddler like mine – who likes to join her sister colouring in but is also going through the destructive phase – then you probably have a growing pile of broken crayons (the ones that haven’t been eaten). I’ve seen…

3rd December 2016
Enfield Parade of Lights
Adventures Memories

The Light Parade

  Sunday really kicked off the festive season for us with the local Light Parade. It’s a charity event where lots of different groups take part in a parade adorned with (you guessed it) lights! There’s fireworks at the end and stalls and a…

28th November 2016
Christmas Activities for Little Ones
A Creative Life

Christmas Activities for Little Ones

We have a ‘tree’ in our kitchen – well it’s a jug full of twigs – that we hang seasonal / celebration stuff on. So photos and numbers for birthdays, eggs for Easter etc. It’s been covered in the kids’ Halloween crafts until yesterday.…

24th November 2016