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100 Dress Up Ideas For World Book Day

  It’s not long until World Book Day 2017 (Thursday 2nd March!). If you are looking for book related dress-up ideas then look no further! Here are 100 ideas below ranging from DIY options that a child could do with a bit of help or ideas…

10th February 2017

11 Dress Up Ideas for Roald Dahl Day

  Roald Dahl’s birthday would have been on the 13th September and the date is celebrated around the world as Roald Dahl Day. This year it’s extra special as it’s 100 years since Roald was born! If your family is dressing up for the…

10th September 2016
Adventures Memories

London in Children’s Books

Happy World Book Day! London has featured in thousands of books and films over the years. Here is my round up of children’s books – from toddler to teen – that feature the sights of the capital city. For toddlers: A visit to London for…

3rd March 2016

Zoo themed books

So, Seren started to complain of a sore tummy yesterday when she got up, I told her it would probably feel better soon (she quite often says she has a sore tummy but it doesn’t usually come to anything). Fast forward to me being…

4th June 2015
Adventures Memories

The Gruffalo’s Child at the Arts Depot

image from The Gruffalo’s Child Facebook page For out final Christmas treat, we went to the Arts Depot in Finchley to watch The Gruffalo’s Child. The Arts Depot is a culture hub incorporating a studio theatre, gallery, café, bar and studios. The venue hosts various…

11th January 2015