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  • Imogen Turns 3


      We had a birthday in the family last week, the smallest one turned three! The passing of the years seems like such a big deal when they are so little, when she turned…

    21st May 2017
  • February Half Term

    Half Term Trip Away to Yorkshire

    We managed to get away to for a little holiday last week. We don’t go away much but when half-term meets your big birthday (4-0 eeeeeek) then it would be rude not to? I…

    20th February 2017
  • Memories

    A Magnificent 5th Birthday

      Magnificent was the word that Seren used to describe her 5th birthday party. I wanted to write that down to remember because sometimes it can feel a bit one way this parenting lark…

    28th September 2016
  • Memories

    Imogen’s Birthday Weekend

    Our younger daughter turned 2 at the weekend. We had a fun couple of days celebrating, starting with a friends’ party on Saturday and family round on Sunday. Her party was a bit unicorn…

    16th May 2016
  • A Creative Life

    An Allotment Themed Cake

    Following the ‘make something with your hands’ prompt from Florence Finds’ January Joy this morning, I was going to tell you about a craft project I did at the weekend but I’ve decided that…

    20th January 2015
  • Memories

    Seren turns 3!

    Seren celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday. We spent the day before at Peppa Pig World so had a fairly relaxed day yesterday. Andy and I had a late night being birthday fairies then Imogen…

    23rd September 2014
  • A Creative Life

    Life in photos | late summer 2014

    I’m so sad to say goodbye to the summer, it’s gone by so quickly in a baby haze. Though the weather has been good this week, there’s a definite early morning chill, the leaves…

    17th September 2014
  • Lifestyle

    The big 4-0

    Someone is having a special birthday today, Andy turns 40! I remember when my parents reached 40, I was 11 / 12 years old and 40 seemed, well, pretty ancient. People used to say that that 40…

    5th September 2014
  • Memories

    Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 25-28

    The bump at 26 weeks and the arm blisters!  By the end of January my regular clothes were mostly too tight to wear so I got out the dusty storage boxes with my maternity clothes…

    24th April 2014
  • Adventures Memories

    Jacob’s Pizza Express Party

    Just before Christmas we headed to one of our local Pizza Expresses to celebrate Seren’s friend Jacob’s 4th birthday. Birthday parties up to now have typically been either house or soft play parties so…

    31st March 2014
  • Memories

    Happy 2nd birthday Little Star!

    Well, it’s almost 2 and a quarter years now but what’s a couple of months between friends. And yes, the legendary terrible tantrums that seem to define the 3rd year have been with us…

    9th December 2013
  • Lifestyle Memories

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I hope you’ve had a love filled day! It’s a big deal in this house as it’s also my birthday! And the anniversary of us getting engaged, 4 years ago in Bruges. We’ve had…

    14th February 2013