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A Magnificent 5th Birthday

  Magnificent was the word that Seren used to describe her 5th birthday party. I wanted to write that down to remember because sometimes it can feel a bit one way this parenting lark and I wonder if by creating too many wonderful, magical…

28th September 2016

Seren’s First Ballet Exam {Living Arrows 9/52}

Seren took her first ballet exam last weekend. This was a bit less scary than it sounds as it was the regular class with an examiner present and I’m guessing that as we’ve already paid for a certificate and medal then it’s a bit…

2nd March 2016
Adventures Memories

Scooting & sick days {Living Arrows 47/52}

Living Arrows is the weekly photo project that we take part in with other bloggers.  Hello, winter! November seems to have lulled us into a sense that we could walk around without our coats on and not put the heating on too much. ALL CHANGE!…

23rd November 2015