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Introducing ‘Huggle Me Close’ – Car Seat Safe Baby Wear

It’s such a shame that the gorgeously cute baby snowsuits that keep your baby so cosy, aren’t actually safe to use in car seats. Neither are padded jackets for toddlers or older children because thick clothing stops the car seat’s straps from being fastened in…

26th May 2016

Being readmitted to hospital with a newborn

I didn’t go into too much detail about this at the time but when Imogen was 5 days old she was re-admitted to hospital as she wasn’t progressing as well as she should be. She had lost too much weight (sometimes called “failure to thrive”)…

3rd June 2015

Imogen at 8 months

Since she learned to crawl, she’s been scurrying all over the place, pulling herself up to a standing position, trying the stairs (hello stairgate!), trying to get into her baby chair and pulling things off tables. She likes it when we walk round with…

19th January 2015
When daddy dresses up as Father Christmas and your toddler has no idea it's him!
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10 Ways To Make Christmas With Babies or Toddlers Easier!

  Expectations – Keep plans and expectations low key and just go with the flow. Just because it’s your baby’s first (second or third!) Christmas, doesn’t mean it will necessary be magical (i.e. more sleep filled and less demanding than usual!). Decorations – if your…

11th December 2014

Weaning Adventures Part 1

Imogen has been eating solids for nearly a month now! She started by lunging at my food and gumming at my toasted teacakes and banana and now she’s having 3 meals a day. Assuming we remember to feed her that is, poor 2nd child.…

2nd December 2014

Imogen at 6 months

We’ve hit the half year mark! There is so much going on right now: she has started to eat solids, we’ve moved her into her own room into her cot and she is desperately trying to crawl. She is often WIDE AWAKE for a…

24th November 2014

Imogen at 5 months

5 months old! She’s snuffly with a cold at the moment and hasn’t been sleeping well (neither have we). Doesn’t she look cheeky though? Here she is compared to the other monthly photos. She’s growing though is still quite dinky. She weighed in at…

21st October 2014

Imogen at 4 months

Compared to her previous monthly photos: She’s had an exciting month; her first holiday, several days out, her daddy and sister’s birthdays, more birthday parties (she still mostly sleeps at parties) and we’ve started baby massage and swimming classes too. She’s fairly social and…

25th September 2014

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Image via Pinterest It would seem that Frankie Valli’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ is mine and Imogen’s song. I’ve been bursting out into the ‘I love you baby’ chorus when I pick her up to which she responds with a bewildered look.…

23rd June 2014

Imogen at 1 month!

Top 3 photos at 1 month old, bottom 2 photos at 2 weeks old Imogen is a whole month old already! The month has flown by, though at the same time it feels like she has always been here. I’m not too sorry to say…

18th June 2014

Seren’s Birth Story Part 1 | Overdue

Seren at a few minutes old with wrinkled, dry skin that babies often get when overdue As the date when baby number 2 is “due” to make an appearance gets ever closer (2 and a half weeks!) I’ve been having many flashbacks to Seren’s birth…

22nd April 2014