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  • Memories

    Halloween Party Ideas

    Last year, we held a little Halloween party, which was lots of fun! This year we’re heading to other people’s parties, but I think I’m going to re-do some of the activities anyway during…

    11th October 2015
  • Adventures Memories

    7 Things To Do In October

    1 Have a date night – we celebrate our wedding anniversary at the beginning of October and it’s prompted us to ship Imogen out to grandparents for the first time (with Seren, who is a…

    2nd October 2015
  • Memories

    Autumn Sensory Tub

    After completing our salt dough leaves and handprint autumn trees, I put together a sensory tub for Seren to play with. This was filled with brown rice and orange lentils and we started out…

    3rd December 2014
  • Memories

    Pre-schooler Books for Autumn

    In my Autumn List post I talked about tackling the toy and book mountain and putting some away for future use. We are getting there with the toys but have sorted through Seren’s books…

    30th October 2014
  • Memories

    Autumn Salt Dough Leaves

    Seren and I are working on an autumn themed sensory project at the moment. We are pulling together a sensory box, something a bit like this and we’re making and collecting various bits and…

    23rd October 2014
  • Lifestyle Memories

    Autumn Eats

    I mentioned in my Autumn List post that I wanted to get back to meal planning. As a family we have a range of dietary requirements; I don’t eat meat, Andy doesn’t eat seafood,…

    30th September 2014
  • Adventures Lifestyle Memories

    Our Autumn List

    Hey there autumn! Last year I was in an early pregnancy haze so we all missed out on enjoying it. It’s time to put away the sunscreen and the sunhats and dig out our woollies.…

    24th September 2014