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Beautiful tree with red leaves in Regent's Park
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Autumn Blues

  After September, I guess I didn’t have any big distractions any more. The fogginess of the early days was lifting and I was more able to take in what was happening. Daytimes were mostly filled with the routines of caring for small children…

21st March 2019
autumn leaves

My Autumn Happiness List

  September didn’t work out like I hoped. I was so looking forward to getting back to the old routine and having a (tiny bit) of time to myself and enjoying some late summer sun. But it was a trudge. It took us a…

2nd October 2017
Back to school

Back To School

  I love this time of year – a whole fresh academic year for the kids and it always feels like a new start for me too. In fact, if only I had some new shiny shoes (why don’t I?) I would have joined…

4th September 2017
Sisters at Trent Park
Adventures Memories

A Little Help From My Sister

  I snapped these photos on Sunday over at Trent Park. It was a lovely sunny autumn day after a day of greyness and heavy rain the day before. Imogen is a total monkey when it comes to climbing, much more confident than Seren…

15th November 2016

Halloween at Audley End Miniature Railway

  After the lovely time we had at Audley End in the summer, we decided to go back for their Halloween event. No fairies or elves this time, they’ve gone for their winter break, or perhaps they’ve been chased away by the witches who…

26th October 2016
Adventures Memories

Autumn days

  The younger daughter and I now get a whole day together, well between 9am and 3pm, with no specific plans. Last week we went over to Trent Park to collect leaves, conkers, pinecones, sticks, feathers and a random old tennis ball. We popped…

24th October 2016

Hot Chocolate & Other Treats

  After a really positive start to Reception, Seren had a bit of a wobble the week before last. She decided she didn’t like it anymore and didn’t want to go. She would come home in the afternoon in a good mood but that…

23rd October 2016
Sunday Scooter School
Adventures Memories

Sunday Scooter School

  Well not really a school, and we did biking too, but I can’t resist the alliteration. We took advantage of the beautiful, sunny, warm-ish day yesterday and took the girls out to practise riding their scooter (Imogen) and bike (Seren). We started out…

10th October 2016
Apple Day at Forty Hall Farm Orchard

Apple Day at Forty Hall Farm

  The only photos of the girls I took last week were on Sunday at Apple Day. The school days, increasing darkness and us all feeling under the weather are narrowing photo opportunities. Sunday was good though (let’s gloss over it being our wedding anniversary…

3rd October 2016
autumn in regent's park london

Our Autumn List

  When I asked Seren, my autumn equinox baby, what she was looking forward to about autumn, her reply was that she was excited that it was nearly Christmas! Woah, slow down there. Though, of course, I’m planning for Christmas but it’s a little…

2nd October 2016
New beginnings - The Mama Story

New beginnings

  It’s not just been ‘back to school’ for us here, but whole new beginnings with Reception and Playgroup starts last week! And a whole new beginning for me too, getting some regularly child-free time for the first time in nearly 2.5 years. S has taken…

12th September 2016

Living Arrows 44/52

Living Arrows is the weekly portrait project that we take part in. It’s a lovely way of choosing my favourite photo or photos of the girls from the week before. We’ve had a fun packed half term holiday and on Thursday went into London to meet…

2nd November 2015
Adventures Memories

12 Things We’re Doing This Half Term

Whoop we made it through the first half term of Seren’s school career. She only started 5 weeks ago, and only goes for a few hours a day but we are all tired and ready for a break! Andy is taking a few days…

26th October 2015