Staying out for the summer

16th September 2018


If you glanced through my summer photos and didn’t know the backstory (how often do we do that on social media?), then you would be forgiven for thinking we had an idyllic summer. 

If there was a “perfect childhood summer to do list” then I reckon we would have ticked off most of the list.

Over the summer we went camping, caravanning, to a music festival, had sleepovers, picnics, BBQs, takeaway pizza in the park on super hot evenings, cooled off at splash pads, in the paddling pool, at outdoor pools, went on beach trips, did crabbing, ate fish & chips, visited amusement arcades and ice-cream parlours, enjoyed the heatwave, almost saw the blood moon, flew kites, toasted marshmallows, spent all day long in playgrounds, took the train into London, lay on the grass under trees, walked through lavender fields, fed ducks, rowed a boat, visited museums and stately homes, went to kids disco, climbed trees, collected bugs, had movie nights, went to the zoo, walked dogs, went on a plane for the first time, visited Spain, ate tapas, lost teeth, chalked on the patio, hung out with friends and family 24/7 … and barely spent any time just the three of us. No time to reflect, no time to think about the huge gap in our lives, no time to worry about the future. 

I had been dreading the school break and the worst scenario was days and days of no plans. We said yes to every invite to go away and do things. I wanted to keep busy to help us forget the pain at home and I purposely avoided any places we had been in the last couple of years as a family of four. 

In many ways it has been an amazing summer. But our hearts are fragile behind the smiles. I think I’ll remember it for the kindness of friends and family who scooped us up, welcomed us into their homes, holidayed with us, looked after us and kept us busy and feeling loved. 

The summer when we tried to forget our broken hearts but one we will remember <3 


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  • Reply Beth 16th September 2018 at 3:07 pm

    Beautiful as always Sian. When getting out of bed in the morning must sometimes seem like an impossible achievement, your summer has been nothing short of miraculous

  • Reply Jessica 2nd October 2018 at 9:32 am

    Hi Sian,
    Beautiful photos! 🙂 Sometimes the best way to heal a broken heart is just simply going out to places and travel. I’m glad you enjoyed staying out for the summer.

  • Reply Kat 5th October 2018 at 10:37 pm

    We don’t know each other Sian, but I can’t stop thinking about you. My life have also changed, it was 2012, but it’s still really fresh memory. There’s nothing compare to your situation, but 360 degrees change that makes you feel like nothing is going to be the same anymore.

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