Snail watching

30th July 2015

Last Friday, when a whole month’s worth of rain fell in one day (or so it felt), the girls and I spent a good 20 minutes watching a snail slithering along the patio outside. It was huge!

And was obviously trying to find it’s way to a piece of pepper dropped during dinner the night before. We cheered it on as it floated across the giant puddle that the whole patio had become. The next morning both the pepper and the snail were gone.

I’m amazed that they were so fascinated by it, especially Imogen. We’re finding it quite helpful to kick back a bit this summer and slow down and I’m trying to make sure we have one day at home doing really simple, calm things like snail watching.

I do wish the weather would improve though – some more sun and paddling pool weather would be nice!

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