Sisters | October 2014

13th October 2014

sisters-october-2014After nervously preparing Seren for Imogen’s arrival, it’s been wonderful to watch the special relationship between these sisters develop. I spent some time yesterday with both girls cuddled on my lap and Seren telling me that Imogen was her darling. There have been a couple of blips, principally in the early days when Seren was prone to new sibling induced tantrums but these have calmed down lately.

sisters-october-2014 sisters-october-2014

As soon as Seren gets up in the morning, she wants to see Imogen and ‘coochee coo’ at her. Imogen repays her with beaming smiles. If Imogen is crying then Seren will tell me to pick her up and give her milk. She will say to Imogen “it’s OK baby Imogen, your mummy is here”. Imogen saves her best smiles for her sister and I’m sure the reason she rolled over so early is that she is super keen to catch up with big sis. She’s trying to crawl now when she’s on her tummy, head raised, arms and legs flailing and making very frustrated noises.


Seren is mostly a little too enthusiastic with her cuddles and we tell her over and over to be gentle. The one person that doesn’t grumble is Imogen, who shows no distress at being dived on by Seren. During a long car journey recently Imogen was crying and Andy and I were trying to soothe her from the front seats with no luck. As soon as Seren started to coochee coo and sing to her, the crying stopped. They share a special bond that we aren’t part of and I’m excited to see how it develops.

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