Seren at 3 and a quarter

5th January 2015

Seren aged 3 and a quarterPhoto above of Seren as a bridesmaid at a wedding last week. She really enjoyed the day, wearing her ‘wedding dress’, dancing, twirling around and having her photo taken. She is fairly confident and loves doing girly things. I curled her hair that morning for the first time and was amazed at how still she sat for me.


She wasn’t so great at keep quiet for the ceremony though, she talks A LOT and asks hundreds of questions, especially in the car, “why are we going this way?”, “but WHY are we going this way?”, “why are we going fast?”, “why have we stopped?”.  She is not so good at listening either and is going through a phase of name-calling, with ‘silly mummy poo’ being one her favourites. Oh and she also has a toilet obsession currently too.

I asked her to tell me a few things about herself at 3 and a quarter:

Favourite thing to do at home: play with her toys
Favourite toy: Elsa and Anna dolls (the Elsa doll she got for Christmas was her most favourite present)
Favourite activity: swimming
Best friends: Betsy and Freya
Favourite food:  pink sausage rolls (we do cook them honestly)
Favourite film or TV programme: Frozen and The Little Mermaid
Favourite song: Let It Go and For the First Time in Forever
Favourite book: the purple one (I’m not sure which one she means though her favourite Christmas books have been The Nutcracker and The Jolly Christmas Postman).
The best thing about being 3: birthdays (she wants a mermaid birthday next)

Elsa Elsa

So pretty keen on Frozen then! What a surprise. She does ask to wear her Elsa dress most days and even told a lady on a train that her name was Elsa.


And mermaids! The week before Christmas I kept finding her in the downstairs bathroom playing mermaids.


She is also in to play dough, her tea set and reading stories to her soft toys at the moment. She is still very keen on shoving her toys and anything else she can pick up into bags and boxes and carting them around the house.

scooter park

As well as swimming, she does ballet and Tumble Tots so is keeping active and we are getting out to the park when the weather allows. Lastly, she is still being a pretty good big sister too!

Seren at 3

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