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Our Autumn List

24th September 2014


Hey there autumn! Last year I was in an early pregnancy haze so we all missed out on enjoying it. It’s time to put away the sunscreen and the sunhats and dig out our woollies. Autumn is my favourite season and we have lots to look forward to:

1. Reading our autumn themed books. I’ve been reading Charlie and Lola books on repeat for weeks. It’s time to have a book sort out, pick out around 20 for Seren and 5 for Imogen to read over the next couple of months and put the rest away.

2. Clearing and sorting out. As well as books we need to do a toy tidy. I find its better to have less toys out at one time otherwise only the most visible 10% gets played with. The broken ones can go in the bin, the duplicates can go to charity and the surplus put in the loft for now. We also need to go through our wardrobes and get them winter ready and size appropriate. As Imogen will be our last baby there are maternity and newborn bits to give away. I’m sad about that but I love a good de-clutter!


3. Nature walks. Seren loves to pick up leaves, conkers, pinecones etc. She got a magnifying glass for her birthday so we can get close to bugs too – there are hundreds of huge, interesting spiders around at the moment. And the moon is back!  Well it never went away but when your bedtime is (around) 7pm it’s only in the autumn and winter months that you get to see it. Seren was super fascinated by it last year and I wonder if it will be same this autumn.

4. Autumn crafts. We’ll get crafty with those collected leaves and make decorations for Halloween too. Perhaps as Imogen gets more settled I’ll get more of my evenings back and can pick up a couple of my own projects (I’m thinking cross stitch).

pumpkins5. Celebrations. We still have Seren’s birthday party to come as well as friends’ birthdays, our wedding anniversary, Halloween and Bonfire Night! And we’ll start to get ready for Christmas…

6. Meal planning. I want to get back into this after the newborn chaos days. We have a hankering for a healthier menu and need to reduce our grocery bill too. I’d also like to do more cooking and baking with Seren and very soon Imogen will start on solid food! Time to get the River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook back out.

7. Routines. Bedtimes and mornings can be a battleground right now. We’ve certainly slacked off on stricter routines going for easy options since Imogen’s arrival. So Seren occasionally runs wild instead of going to bed and we haven’t got to a bedtime routine yet with Imogen.  I think routines and boundaries are good for everyone so we’re going to start getting both girls onto the same (or very similar) bedtime routine.

8. Moving Imogen to her own room. In November it’s time for our hired Bednest to go back and for Imogen to sleep in her own room. I still need to add some finishing touches after decorating the room before she was born.

9. Preparing the garden for winter. There are still a few flowers in bloom but the summer glory has faded and we need to pull out the dead bits, prune, move some plants and plant spring bulbs.

10. Time for me. As well as crafts I’m looking forward to regaining a bit more time for me. Just simple things like ditching the face wipes for a proper skincare routine (hello, wrinkles), trying a post-natal Pilates class and sitting in a cafe on my own with a coffee and a book for 20 minutes.

What are your plans for autumn?


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  • Reply Charlotte 1st October 2014 at 10:37 pm

    I keep meaning to mention cross stitch to you whenever I see you – if you havn’t already, check out What Delilah Did, you’ll love it. The kits are great, very easy instructions, fab designs. I have two of them (the stag head and a bird) and they’re great (must finish off my stag head though). Her Storyland book is great too.

    • Reply littlestarandme 2nd October 2014 at 9:06 am

      Thank you – I think I’ve seen these in Liberty? They look great. I think I am going to design something myself for my next project, I’ve bought the materials, I just need the time …

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