My Late Winter List

10th January 2016
My Late Winter List


How’s January going for you? I’ve found it really hard to get back into the swing of things over the last week. I’ve made a mental note to take the first week ‘off’ next year and try to ease back into things a bit more gently. I’m feeling more ready for January now though, only 10 days in (!).

Last year I wrote a ‘Things To Do’ post for each month, suggestions of family things to do for myself and readers. This year, I’m going to do more of a personal ‘bucket list’ type post every 6-8 weeks or so (how quickly does a month pass?!). The period from Christmas to spring is probably the bleakest few weeks of the year for me (and lots of others I’m sure!). The days are short and grey, with no early daylight to naturally wake me up, there are few opportunities to get outside and there’s a dearth of events on and we get bogged down with illnesses. So, I’m thinking about fun things to do to brighten the days:

  1. Get outside when we have the opportunity! We played in the garden today for the first time in a month or so. Also, there’s a wassailing event near us next weekend, it’s the ancient custom of drinking cider and making as much noise as possible to wake up the apple trees! I kid you not. Sounds like fun.
  2. Tidy the garden, cut down the dead plants, clear old leaves and rubbish that has blown around. OK, not so much fun here but I’ll be happier once it’s done. Bizarrely, we’ve had green spring shoots peeking up since December, that is how confusing the weather has been.
  3. Play in the snow … if it reaches London! Seren has got to 4 years old with only having about 10 minutes of play in the tiniest amount of snow. So, I’m calling it now, if it snows, we’re clearing the diary to make a snowman!
  4. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate … Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Pancake Day, St David’s Day and any other excuse we can think of.
  5. Meal plan! I’m struggling for dinner time inspiration again so I’m going to try to meal plan for a month so I don’t have to think about it again for ages.
  6. Spend focussed time with each daughter doing things they enjoy – for Seren (4) that’s crafting, baking and playing board games and for Imogen (19 months) that’s reading books and jumping in puddles.
  7. Use the bad-weather-time-indoors to tackle some simple home projects, framing photos and hanging pictures is high on the list (I can’t believe we still only have 1 photo of Imogen up! Better change that before she notices).
  8. Sleep (she says, writing this at midnight!). Winter is a time for hibernating yes? I’m going to try to get to bed for 9pm one day a week and catch up on zzzzzzzs.
  9. Buy a lavalamp – they are so relaxing! Move aside meditation (I can’t do it), I spent a few minutes just watching the lava rise and fall in my step-mum’s lamp over Christmas and it is such a great way to empty your mind.
  10. Buy a lipstick. I haven’t worn lipstick since the 1990s when I decided they were far too high maintenance. But, I love the look of the modern colours and how they can brighten everything up. So I’m going to bit the bullet (if anyone has any recommendations let me know…!).

Happy January folks, I hope it passes contently and the days lighten soon.


  • Reply Charlotte 11th January 2016 at 9:22 am

    You have reminded me to do my seasonal list for this winter! Must sort that out. This week I have gone to bed with Arthur a couple of times and I didn’t realise how much I needed, but I’ve getting up in the mornings much less grumpily so there must be something in it!
    Re, lipsticks, Topshop did I really nice matt pen that was brilliant, but I can’t see it on their website anymore :(. I also use this by Bourjois and it’s lovely on the lips;
    Charlotte recently posted…The great new year’s walkMy Profile

  • Reply Sian 11th January 2016 at 9:43 pm

    I think sleep is generally the answer! Thank you for the lippy recs – I will go and check out Topshop & Bourjois (that’s about the right price point too!).

  • Reply Emma 15th January 2016 at 10:55 am

    Some really good ideas there and I think sleep needs to be on the top of my list too as I am really rubbish about going to bed at a decent time and then I spend the next day drinking a lot of coffee! #thelist
    Emma recently posted…Today My Fitness Inspiration Is YouMy Profile

    • Reply Sian 17th January 2016 at 12:33 pm

      Thanks Emma – it’s a circle isn’t it of being tired and drinking coffee then being wired! Hope you get some good nights’ sleep this winter!

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