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June in Photos

5th July 2013

A lovely month: sunny, lots of birthdays, Father’s Day and quite a bit of “me time” too …
June-in-Photosleft to right, top to bottom: 
* Cocktails at Wahaca, lunch with friends and no children
* When in Brussels … work trip
* Afternoon crochet lesson (because I need another half done craft project!)
* LS unleashing her creative side at a Creation Station party
* Enjoy her post-painting cake
* Carrot cake made for a friend’s birthday – I always use this Delia recipe, using full-fat cream cheese instead of Quark
* Running around Madame Tussauds like a big kid for a work thing (I last went in 1987 so it’s changed a bit!)
* Huge wine glasses – celebrating another birthday
* Lot’s of gardening – these are our strawberries, hurrah
* LS has been enjoying jumping …
* … and climbing! At Hainault Forest Country Park 
* Celebrating Father’s Day
* Pinata prep for god daughter’s birthday …
* … which went down well!
* Lyla’s cake (looked good but the butter cream suffered in the heat)


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