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July in Photos

5th August 2013

july-in-photos1Clockwise from top left:
* Trip to the Science Museum
* It’s getting increasingly difficult to go past these rides without going on!
* Chilling on Richmond Common
* Mesmerised by In the Night Garden Live

july-in-photos2Clockwise from top left:
* Breaking up our trip to Cornwall with a stop at Stonehenge
* Gold sandals on the beach, mine and hers
* Excited to see the animals at Court Farm
* Brand new baby lambs


Clockwise from top left:
* Sitting in the paddling pool having her snack fully dressed in the heatwave
* Lettuce and herbs from the garden
* Pool fun with friends
* First home grown tomato!


Clockwise from top left:
* In the water play area at Enfield Town park
* Hanging out with Charlotte and Betsy from Baking Betsy
* It’s a plane!
* More paddling pool fun in the garden

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this rare hot British weather and we’ve ticked off half of our Toddler Summer Fun list (more to come on that). No doubt August will be a little greyer but hopefully I’m wrong!

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