Imogen at 18 Months Old

19th November 2015

18 month olds are little hurricanes! Fierce, energetic whirlwinds. They can infuriate you with their spirit, persistence and cheekiness and melt you in the next moment with saying new words and giving you a kiss and a cuddle.

This stage is hard work but it sure has it’s rewards.

Imogen has boundless energy, she is only still when she’s asleep (and then only for a while). She runs, climbs and grabs, picks up and explores objects in her path. I’m unable to pop into a cafe for a coffee and spend most of our park visits retrieving her from trying to escape. If we go shopping she grabs at everything that is buggy height. Her climbing is impressive. At home she scales the furniture, at the park she makes a bid for the bigger climbing frames, at soft play she climbs as high as Seren can and she loves the freedom she has at Tumble Tots.

She’s saying new words all the time (and is probably saying even more words that are recognisable to her but not us). I’m sure I will miss a few but so far we have: NO, mummy, daddy, Seren, nana, grandad, apple, milk, bottle, biscuit, (ba) nana. (butter) fly, bird, duck, quack, baaaaa (for any animal), cuddle, “all day long” (from ‘The Wheels on the Bus’), (what’s) that and there.

She can understand much more than she can say. A couple of weeks ago, I asked her idly (talking to myself really) where her socks were and she surprised me by going to get them. She can point to her family members when asked and also to her head, nose and eyes. She will come to give you a cuddle or kiss if asked. She goes to get her shoes if we are making signs to leave the house or goes and sits in her buggy. If she wants something like her milk or a biscuit then she pulls at me until I follow her to show me. One day, I was in the shower and she managed to drag an (empty) cake tin up the stairs to show me she wanted something to eat! When it comes to the fruit bowl, she helps herself and I have 10 apples with bites taken out of to prove it.

Her temper is dying down a bit now she can communicate more but it’s still there and she has had some spectacular ‘lying down on the floor’ tantrums.

She went through a stage of blowing raspberries on our arms etc and thinking it was the funniest thing ever (to me, it was!). Though she hasn’t done it in a while.

She is still a milk monster but we give her water now when she wakes at night (the bottle resettles her) and she’s fine with that. Her sleeping patterns are more reliable than ever – she wakes once per night and has a nap at home most days for 1-2 hours.

She follows Seren’s lead when it comes to play so it’s lots of small world play, painting, colouring, dress-up and she’s started to wave a fairy wand now as if it cast a spell.

She adores her sister.. When I pick Imogen up out of her cot in the morning, she immediately heads off to find Seren for a cuddle. It’s lovely to see their bond developing!

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