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Hey there 2015!

2nd January 2015

glitter stars2014 has to go down as one of the most exciting years for us given the arrival of our beautiful baby daughter! We had fun watching our big girl grow, celebrated Andy’s 40th too, took a lovely little break in Norfolk, had lots of days out with family and friends and made a bit of progress with house stuff. There’s been some tough times though juggling the demands of two children.

We’re not planning on having any babies in 2015 and there are no milestone birthdays to celebrate so this year will be a little more low key in comparison. I’m looking forward to the shifting dynamic as we leave the baby days behind and the sisters become more of a team. We’ve re-juggled our weekly routines and I’m going to start the year by spending more time with Seren that I have since she was a baby! I’m hoping for lots of fun and that my patience holds out. We have some new groups to try and a To Do list of things to do at home.

I could write a 2015 To Do list for me as long as several arms; I’d like to make more, spend less, improve health and agility, read more, write more, be more organised and finish decorating a few more rooms. Where to start though? I think I’ll start with a few things to achieve in January and take it from there.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and fun 2015!

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