Happy 2013! Thank you and goodbye 2012.

1st January 2013

Salcombe, Devon, May 2012Amongst last night’s prosecco and board games, we spent a while discussing 2012’s highlights. The Olympics pretty much topped everyone’s list and I have to agree, they are “up there” on my favourite memories from 2012. It was a great moment for London and the UK and I doubt I’ll experience similar again.

Personally, it’s been the first year in a while that hasn’t been defined by dramatic highs (our wedding, honeymoon and LS’s birth) and swooping lows (bereavements). I’ve enjoyed a gentler, drama-free, family centric pace in 2012. It’s been beautiful watching our daughter grow from being a newborn to a sweet, funny and energetic little girl. I’ve found my groove as a mummy and balancing that with everything else has worked out better than I imagined. We’ve definitely travelled less than ever before and become the slightest bit anti-social but we’ve had some lovely family times together. The photo above was taken on a trip to Salcombe, Devon in May for a wedding, it was LS’s first trip to the beach and she enjoyed eating the sand!

More of the same on the agenda for 2013 .

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