Goal Setting and Intentions for 2018

20th February 2018
Goal Setting and Intentions for 2018

Thoughts on Goal Setting

I’m guessing – now it’s February – you’ve thought about your plans / goals / intentions for the coming year. Of course, you can set those at any time not just at the beginning of the calendar year. In fact, if you are intending to bring about a big lifestyle change, I think the worst time to do that is January when it’s so cold and bleak. A much better time is spring when you are surrounded by more daylight and new life springing up or at the end of the summer when we get a bit of that back to school feeling. This week is my birthday week and when I really start to think about what I want to achieve for the next year of my life.

I bought a yearly planner (this one from Migoals) without actually realising it had such a strong focus on goal setting. I was attracted to it by it’s space for To Do lists as well as a weekly calendar page and it’s dusky millennial pink colour! It allows pages and pages for goal setting and goals reviews. My goals for the last couple of years have been to keep my children alive, have a shower everyday and not lose my sanity in the process. Which I’ve pretty much 100% achieved actually. Now the kids are older, I’m moving on to the next phase of my life…

Goal Setting Tips from Sunita Harley

Back in January, I went to the north London Lucky Things meet up which focussed on feeling confident about goal setting for the coming year. Lucky Things by HR expert Sunita Harley, is a virtual and real life space designed to help women to feel more confident about their career and wellbeing. Sunita advises looking back at successes from the last year before thinking ahead to the coming one. She also talks about setting points through the year to review goals, having accountability partners and thinking about what tools you need to achieve your goals or what obstacles are in your way.

My 2018 Goals

1 – Stepping back into the world of work

I left employment in March 2014 to go on maternity leave for the second and never went back. For lots of reasons. Now that that baby starts school in September, I’m planning my own new start for autumn time!  Lots to do before that though to get myself myself mentally and practically ready for that change.

2 – Decluttering, decluttering, decluttering!

Not the most exciting but we’ve never really successfully tackled the mountain of “stuff” that kids bring (and we do too, I can’t blame it all on them. It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago we lived in a one bedroom flat, now we are in a house full of stuff! I do do frequent charity shop runs but I have a mentality of keeping things “just in case” and I would like to get past that. I’ve read the Marie Kondo book and subscribed to The Minaminalists podcasts to inspire me!

3 – Home improvement

No ‘big’ renovation plans for 2018 but we are hoping to replace our front door and windows which will make a reasonably big change. We are also working through a re-painting list at the moment, tackling areas that have suffered from daily wear and tear of having young kids. The sitting room is currently underway with plans for elder daughter’s room, kitchen and play area and both hallways to be tackled this year. We have been decorating the sitting room since October mind you so our list might be rather ambitious…

4 – Health and wellness.

Lots of things come under this category around physical and mental wellbeing. Physically, I am definitely starting to notice more aches and pains as I get older! I am trying to do an average of 10,000 steps a day and some yoga too. I’ve realised that my diet is woefully low in protein and iron so I am trying to address that. And drink more water – I always need to drink more water. Mentally, I’m trying to get more early nights and read more books and make time for things that make me happy.

5 – Create an online space I feel proud of and enjoy tending to

I’ve had a huge change around with blogging in 2017, moving from blogging primarily about the kids to blogging about things for me. I am definitely still finding my groove! I’ve also been trying to find a balance with social media and actually for me, that is setting boundaries around it and staying away from it as much as possible. There’s a thought that if you have a blog and want to promote your posts, you need to be very, very active on social media. But, I find it draining and also don’t want to flood my followers with posts either. I think I’ve found a gentle balance though which makes me happy.

6 – Adventures

Both holidays and sightseeing trips from home. I have a few child-free adventures booked but need some family breaks booked in too. Adventuring in London is also becoming easier for us now our rambunctious toddler is nearly 4 so I would like to make the most of that whilst we live so close by.

7 – Living a creative life

This is something that is really important to my happiness! It includes things I’ve already mentioned such as decorating, online spaces and doing things to keep me mentally happy. Other things I intend to do is making sure I make time at the weekends to bake with the kids, craft with them or by myself and plant flowers.

8 – Writing up our family story

One of my hobbies over the last five years has been researching our family tree both mine and my husband’s sides. I find it all absolutely fascinating but the problem is I now have so much informations on hundreds of people and I need to find a way to document that. I imagine by the time I finish my children will be old enough to read it themselves but I’d like to make a start this year.

9 – Quality time with friends and family

The weeks, months, years fly by don’t they! It’s easy not to see loved ones for months and months so I am going to make sure I put in plans for get togethers. I also need to make sure I spend 1 to 1 time with the 6 year old who I see less of (because of school). And, very excitedly, I’ve agreed a monthly reciprocal babysitting arrangement with a friend! We have put dates in the diary until the end of the year so Andy and I will get regularly date nights, yippee!

Keeping on track

Of course, it’s all very having intentions, I’m great at coming up with ideas, less so good on execution. I’ve broken the goals down into more of a To Do list and going to pencil some time in with myself and a nice cup of coffee to review them. Here’s to a clutter-free, nicely decorating house filled with creative projects and friends, date nights, balance, calming walks and a new job by the end of the year…

Word of The Year

When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are – Oprah Winfrey


Something that Sunita advises (and I’ve heard used by others) is picking a word to focus on for the year. I picked “self-belief” as that is something that ebbs and flows for me and I’m going to need to have it in bucket loads in 2018.

I feel quite excited seeing it all written down, better crack on!

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Hue Me Happy is a happiness journal, memory jar and bright idea space. Written by Sian, a 40-something Mancunian living in north London. After, 15 years working in corporate marketing roles, I took a career break after the birth of my second daughter in 2014. I’ve been trying to regain a sense of calm, creative balance every since!

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