Early summer at Myddelton House Gardens

9th June 2014

myddelton house myddelton houseWe had our first family-of-four outing last Friday. Just a local trip to Myddelton House Gardens as we wanted to a) not go very far; b) have minimal financial outlay, as we didn’t know if we’d have to rush home if it all got too much! I’ve written about Myddelton House before after our visit last summer, the house used to be the home of botanist E.A. Bowles and the restored gardens are open to the public along with a small museum and cafe. It’s 5 minutes from Junction 25 of the M25 if you are looking for a free ‘stretch your legs’ stop on the north east section of the motorway.

The good news is that we survived the visit and had a pleasant couple of hours. We even bumped in to a couple of friends too – I love that about local trips! We did have a couple of stressful moments when I totally lost Seren in the shrubbery (daddy found her) and then when Imogen needed feeding and Seren needed a nappy change at the same time but we tag-teamed for that. I guess when I’m on my own, the nappy can wait!

We tried out the buggy board on our Bugaboo Bee for the first time and Seren enjoyed riding on it. Hopefully that will translate well to longer, more purposeful journeys! She’s still been sitting in the Bee in toddler mode until recently and had a moment of “that’s my buggy!” when she saw Imogen in it for the first time but now she says that they are sharing it which seems OK with her.

myddelton house myddelton houseWe spent some time looking at the ducks and the carp in the lake and watching other people feed them (there is a machine selling fish food but we didn’t have the necessary 20p, note for next time). You can just about see the carp in the 3rd photo below.

myddelton house myddelton house myddelton houseWe played hide and seek in the old market cross.

myddelton houseWe wandered in the poppies, planted to commemorate this year’s 100 year anniversary of the start of the First World War. We (well, I) considered using Poppy as Imogen’s middle name instead of Lily due to the anniversary. They have also planted barley on the Tulip Terrace to commemorate the campaign to grow vital food supplies as imports were cut off. The government took over 3 million acres of land to use as farm land in 1917-1918, any area that could be converted to grow food was used.

myddelton house myddelton houseI enjoyed looking at the other seasonal flowers and getting some inspiration for our garden. I especially loved the peonies and foxgloves.

myddelton house myddelton houseWe finished with an ice lolly before heading home. I’m flying solo with both kids as of today! Wish me luck. I don’t expect we will have any more exciting outings just yet but we’re expecting a few visitors which will be lovely all the same.


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