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Down on the farm with HUGGIES Pull-Ups

26th September 2014


I’ve recently written about our potty training journey and how Pull-Ups formed a key part of our success. We still use HUGGIES Disney Princess Night-Time Pull-Ups for bedtimes (“they aren’t nappies mummy, they are special big girl’s night time princess pants!”) and will do for the foreseeable future. So when HUGGIES invited us down to Surrey Docks Farm to visit their Potty Training Bus we jumped at the chance.

Our friends at Baking Betsy came along too and Seren and Betsy had fun riding the trains together. And practicing their turn taking skills in pressing 100 lift and pedestrian crossing buttons along the way. It was the first public transport outing we’ve had since Seren was potty trained and I was nervous about negotiating emergency toilet trips en route but careful planning (and juice restrictions!) paid off.

Surrey Docks Farm is a working farm squished into 2 acres of land in between housing estates and the river Thames in Rotherhithe, south east London. Once inside the gates, the urban setting is forgotten and the calming influence of animals, vegetable plots and orchards takes over. We started with refreshments and stickers courtesy of the HUGGIES team. Pull-Ups use Disney Cars, Minnie Mouse and Princess branding so that they resemble big kids’ pants as opposed to baby nappies. You can guess which branding Seren loves! She was soon covered in Disney Princess stickers!

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-UpsWe then boarded the Potty Training Bus for a Pull-Ups adventure. The bus is designed to be educational and fun for both children and parents. There’s a water based play area designed to look like a bathroom sink with a toilet flush above it so little ones can practice flushing and get used to the noise. Seren was terrified of using a toilet for ages so something like this would’ve been ideal a couple of months ago!

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups

The gushing water stimulated Seren’s bladder and she soon told me that she needed a wee. Of course, she thought the promotional potties dotted around the bus could be used but I encouraged her to come to the farm’s toilet with me. I even promised not to use the hand dryer (she is still scared of them). I left Imogen to have a cuddle with the lovely Natalie from Style Me Sunday.

Back on the bus, Seren climbed onto to a Disney Princess themed bed to read some books. I seized this moment of quietness to talk to the HUGGIES team about the Pull-Ups. I’m a fan of them anyway so didn’t need any convincing but I hadn’t noticed the wetness indicator they have (the pictures fade when wet) and that the day-time Pull-Ups are designed to actually leave a bit of wetness next to the child’s skin. This can help the child acknowledge that they’ve passed urine and can prompt them to use the potty instead of a nappy as they find the wetness unpleasant. The night-time Pull-Ups are fully absorbent though, just as well as we haven’t given up bedtime milk yet.


Imogen took a shine to the Princess pants too though it will be a while before they fit her!  As an aside, I also found Pull-Ups invaluable when Seren turned 1 and went through a phase of refusing to lie down to have her nappy changed.


Imogen and Arthur enjoyed hanging out! Ahhhhhh!


Seren imparted her potty training tips before we left the bus to meet the animals.


Starting with Seren’s favourite, the bunnies (she wore her bunny dress especially). I took some time out to nurse Imogen at this point so photos are courtesy of Charlotte.

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups

Seren had a bit of a tumble after seeing the bunnies and was a little upset for a while. I still think she enjoyed meeting the donkeys, pigs, chickens and goats (until a goat “nodded her” and she was upset again). The goats and chickens are in an open petting / feeding area where you can get close to them. Never work with animals and children they say?

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups

Then it was time for a lovely Thames-side lunch. The food was provided by onsite Piccalilli Caff who base their menu around fresh, seasonal produce and use ingredients grown on the farm where possible.

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups

After lunch I had a quick look at the working forge which provides regular blacksmithy workshops (the farm itself offers a variety of interesting courses) and at the gardens. I loved the bohemian plant arrangements outside the cafe!

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-UpsWe fed the pigs a snack of windfall apples from the orchard and gave them a shower! Then we fed the goats before toilet trips all round and embarking on the journey home across London.

Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups Surrey-Docks-Farm-with-HUGGIES-Pull-Ups

Thanks to HUGGIES for a lovely day. The Potty Training Bus makes one last summer tour stop at the Manchester Baby & Toddler Show this weekend. 

Visit for helpful potty training guidance and to get a free HUGGIES Pull-Ups sample.

Surrey Docks Farm, Rotherhithe Street, London, SE16 5ET
Free entry (£3 suggested donation)


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    I love it when big brands do little sweet gestures and days like these! They’re so helpful and fun!

  • Reply littlestarandme 26th September 2014 at 8:42 am

    We had lots of fun!

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