Changing a toddler’s nappy – with HUGGIES® wipes

1st September 2015

Things have stepped up a gear with nappy changes now that Imogen 1) refuses to lie down, 2) tries to run off, 3) wants to put her hands in the mess! It’s a stressful experience for us both and I have to try and be smart and quick about it! Here are 5 things that make the job easier:

  1. My phone. Yep, time to bring out the secret weapon! I need to keep Imogen’s mind and hands occupied and the Fisher Price app on my phone is working well for that at the moment. I have tried books and toys but they no longer work.
  2. Pull-up-pants-style nappies. Not that we are anywhere near potty training but if I have to change her bum whilst she’s standing up then these are much easier to pull on quickly and securely.
  3. Then a clothing item put on immediately over the nappy. What with the hot weather (remember that?), there were times when Imogen was just in a nappy. She quickly figured out how to take them off. There is nothing like a toddler taking off their own dirty nappy and running round with it to ruin your mood.
  4. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment. When Imogen is teething, she can get quite bad nappy rash and this is the best cream for clearing that up quickly. 
  5. HUGGIES® Pure Wipes. These have been our favourite wipes since Seren was a baby. They are thick, keep their moisture even at bottom of the pack, are fragrance -free and are super gentle on baby’s skin. They are reasonably priced too and are very often on offer at the places we shop! They have also recently been reformulated and all HUGGIES® wipes are now free from parabens, alcohol and phenoxyethanol. As they are thick and moist, they make fast work of cleaning up dirty bottoms, which is perfect when your toddler is about to run off.

We were sent some HUGGIES® Pure Wipes to review. All words are my own.

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