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Simple DIY Wreath Making
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Last Minute Easy Christmas Wreath

  If you still haven’t got a Christmas wreath (or table centrepiece) and fancy something original – you can try an easy DIY using a wreath base from a garden centre (a plain wreath made using fir tree cut offs). I’ve made my own…

14th December 2017
mini cheese pastries
Make & Create

The Most Amazing Mini Cheese Pastries

  Based on a Delia Smith recipe for vegetarian ‘sausage’ rolls, these cheese pastries are the most popular item of any buffet / party spread I ever put on (more popular then proper sausage rolls or mini sausages!). They disappear within minutes and quite often…

14th December 2017
christmas crayon DIY / tutorial
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Christmas Crayon DIY

  If you have a toddler like mine – who likes to join her sister colouring in but is also going through the destructive phase – then you probably have a growing pile of broken crayons (the ones that haven’t been eaten). I’ve seen…

3rd December 2017
Christmas Activities for Little Ones
Family Make & Create Showcase

Christmas Activities for Little Ones

We have a ‘tree’ in our kitchen – well it’s a jug full of twigs – that we hang seasonal / celebration stuff on. So photos and numbers for birthdays, eggs for Easter etc. It’s been covered in the kids’ Halloween crafts until yesterday.…

24th November 2017
Family Lifestyle Make & Create

10 Traditions To Start This Easter

  Looking for inspiration of things to do with the kids over Easter? We’re already half way through the Easter holidays here, though I know many kids have only just started the holidays. I feel like we’ve done all the Easter crafts already and I’ve…

9th April 2017
Biscuit Love Jammie Dodgers
Family Make & Create

5 Simple Valentine’s Themed Crafts

  If you are looking for some crafty / baking type inspiration for half-term then here are 5 simple Valentine’s themed ideas suitable for kids of all ages. 1. SALT DOUGH HEART DECORATIONS This was the first time we’ve used salt dough – it…

12th February 2017
Simple Child 'Thank You' Pictures
Family Make & Create

Simple ‘Thank You’ Pictures

  Today, I’m sharing an idea for how kids can create some quick and easy ‘thank you’ pictures to send to friends and relatives to say thank you for Christmas gifts. Obviously it’s polite to say thank you in some way – but I…

9th January 2017
Guy Fawkes Night 2016
Family Make & Create

Remember, remember the 5th of November

  Seren came home from school on Thursday excited to tell me about how Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the King and all his family as the King was a bad King and that is why we have fireworks in November (all her…

7th November 2016
Kids Valentine's Tea
Family Make & Create

Valentine’s Kids’ Afternoon Tea

I love celebrating Valentine’s with the girls – it’s a visually pleasing celebration after the bleakness of January and it’s fun talking about the concept of ‘love’ in broader terms. Seren says that mummy loves chocolate and daddy loves it when she tidies up!…

10th February 2016
Make & Create

Valentine’s Crafting Toddler Style

With all the illness we’ve had over the last month, we’ve been stuck indoors for days on end. Which means sticker books, Happyland, Magiclip dolls, crafting, bird watching, a bit of baking and rather a lot of TV (they are both really into Mia…

4th February 2016
Make & Create

4 Week Winter Meal Plan

I don’t know about you, but when it’s time to write my weekly shopping list, I find it easy to think of what we are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks but when it comes to dinner, my mind goes blank! So,…

13th January 2016
Christmas Peppermint Bark
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Peppermint Bark Recipe

  After the super easy crayon tutorial last week, here is another easy Christmas make – this one is edible! I love homemade and handmade bits at Christmas. A few years ago I spent an evening making chocolate truffles. They were lovely (albeit pretty…

9th December 2015