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Simple DIY Wreath Making
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Last Minute Easy Christmas Wreath

  If you still haven’t got a Christmas wreath (or table centrepiece) and fancy something original – you can try an easy DIY using a wreath base from a garden centre (a plain wreath made using fir tree cut offs). I’ve made my own…

14th December 2017
mini cheese pastries
Make & Create

The Most Amazing Mini Cheese Pastries

  Based on a Delia Smith recipe for vegetarian ‘sausage’ rolls, these cheese pastries are the most popular item of any buffet / party spread I ever put on (more popular then proper sausage rolls or mini sausages!). They disappear within minutes and quite often…

14th December 2017
London's Christmas Lights 2016
Adventures Showcase

London’s Christmas Lights

  A couple of Saturday’s ago, I took Seren into London to see the Christmas lights and shop windows to help us get into the Christmas mood. We started at Trafalgar Square and meandered down the Strand, up through Covent Garden and Seven Dials…

12th December 2017
When daddy dresses up as Father Christmas and your toddler has no idea it's him!
Family Showcase

10 Ways To Make Christmas With Babies or Toddlers Easier!

  Expectations – Keep plans and expectations low key and just go with the flow. Just because it’s your baby’s first (second or third!) Christmas, doesn’t mean it will necessary be magical (i.e. more sleep filled and less demanding than usual!). Decorations – if your…

11th December 2017
decorating the Christmas tree
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10 Signs You’re A Parent At Christmas

  1. In the past the Christmas season would be kicked off with a Christmas party held – FAR TOO EARLY – in the first week of December. You would begrudgingly attend the event though by the end of it (and several glasses of mulled…

4th December 2017
christmas crayon DIY / tutorial
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Christmas Crayon DIY

  If you have a toddler like mine – who likes to join her sister colouring in but is also going through the destructive phase – then you probably have a growing pile of broken crayons (the ones that haven’t been eaten). I’ve seen…

3rd December 2017
Family Showcase

21 Ways To Save Money At Christmas

    Halloween is approaching fast, then it will be November and, well you know what comes next … Christmas is on the horizon. Obviously, it’s a little too early to start celebrating it but with regards to preparing for it, well you probably…

1st December 2017
Christmas Activities for Little Ones
Family Make & Create Showcase

Christmas Activities for Little Ones

We have a ‘tree’ in our kitchen – well it’s a jug full of twigs – that we hang seasonal / celebration stuff on. So photos and numbers for birthdays, eggs for Easter etc. It’s been covered in the kids’ Halloween crafts until yesterday.…

24th November 2017
Stick Man Live at the Leicester Square Theatre

Theatre Review: Stick Man

  Seren and I were lucky enough to have another theatre trip last weekend (I recently wrote about our trip to see The Scarecrows’ Wedding) to see Stick Man in London’s Leicester Square Theatre. The production is inspired by the Stick Man book by Julia Donaldson…

17th November 2017
Christmas Peppermint Bark
Make & Create

Peppermint Bark Recipe

  After the super easy crayon tutorial last week, here is another easy Christmas make – this one is edible! I love homemade and handmade bits at Christmas. A few years ago I spent an evening making chocolate truffles. They were lovely (albeit pretty…

9th December 2015