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Christmas Peppermint Bark
A Creative Life

Peppermint Bark Recipe

  After the super easy crayon tutorial last week, here is another easy Christmas make – this one is edible! I love homemade and handmade bits at Christmas. A few years ago I spent an evening making chocolate truffles. They were lovely (albeit pretty…

9th December 2015
A Creative Life Memories

Halloween Facepainting Fun With Snazaroo

Halloween preparations are underway here, Seren has chosen her “red monster” outfit (Imogen will wear Seren’s old Halloween tutu), we went to the pumpkin patch at Willow’s Farm yesterday and Seren has asked to put some decorations up today. We’ve also been testing our Halloween Snazaroo…

27th October 2015
A Creative Life Memories

Yippee! We grew sunflowers and tomatoes!

I posted back at the beginning of May that Seren and I had planted sunflower and tomato seeds. We watched them grow before planting them outside at the beginning of June. Only two of the sunflowers flowered in the end (the ones that I’d…

20th August 2015
A Creative Life

Recipe: Rose & Raspberry Jam

If you read my post yesterday about fruit picking, you’ll know I made jam with the raspberries we picked. I had intended to make strawberry jam but when we got home our raspberries were pretty squished and mushy so jam seemed like the obvious…

11th August 2015
A Creative Life

Making s’mores in the UK

Pinterest has a lot to answer for. Hours spent disappearing down a rabbit hole of virtual sugar paste and crepe paper creations when looking for birthday party ideas. 100 recipes for play dough. A surfeit of recipes that certainly haven’t been thoroughly tested. And…

27th July 2015
A Creative Life

Raw Coconut + Cacao Bites

We made this the other afternoon using a recipe from the Deliciously Ella website. They are basically a mix of nuts (recipe calls for just almonds though we used a mix), dessicated coconut, dates, raw cacao powder (made from cold pressing cacao beans, cacao…

10th June 2015
A Creative Life

Our Sunflower and Tomato Seeds

A couple of weeks ago we planted some sunflower and tomato seeds to grow on the windowsill. Seren loved to help, which is why some of the pots have slightly more than the 3 seeds in that I was aiming for. I bought the…

5th May 2015
A Creative Life

4 Lunches 3 Ways

We’ve cut down on cafe trips lately and I’m trying to have lunch at home or take picnic lunches if we are going to be out. I have to tailor most meals 3 different ways: 1) BLW style for Imogen, food she can pick…

21st April 2015
A Creative Life

3 Easy DIY Flower Tutorials

We’ve been stuck indoors most of these week with various illnesses. So we’ve been playing in the garden, watching Topsy and Tim and trying our hand at various Easter crafts, including the papier mache eggs I told you about yesterday. Yesterday we made 3…

2nd April 2015
A Creative Life

Papier Mache Easter Eggs

I’ve been busy getting ready for our Easter Egg hunt. I’ve bought plastic eggs (£1 for a bag of 8 from Hobbycraft) and made larger papier mache eggs and plan to fill both with a mixture of little gifts (play jewellery, bubbles and sweets). Seren…

31st March 2015
A Creative Life

Mother’s Day | Easy Children’s Art DIY

If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift for this Sunday and are tempted to go down the homemade route then look no further! This canvas DIY is super easy to make and even older babies / toddlers can help too (if they are old enough to do…

10th March 2015
A Creative Life

Cheesy Polenta Fingers

Since we got the chaos of Christmas out of the way, I’ve been trying to put more thought into Imogen’s diet. I figured she was probably tiring of roast sweet potato and toast fingers! We weaned her using a predominantly baby-led weaning (BLW) approach but…

26th January 2015
A Creative Life

Kids and Valentine’s Day

I didn’t think kids and Valentine’s Day’s mixed until Seren started coming home from nursery with Valentine’s cards for us and we did heart shaped crafts at toddler groups. We were stuck inside earlier this week and spent a couple of hours making ‘stained…

22nd January 2015
A Creative Life

An Allotment Themed Cake

Following the ‘make something with your hands’ prompt from Florence Finds’ January Joy this morning, I was going to tell you about a craft project I did at the weekend but I’ve decided that needs a little tweaking and I remembered the cake I…

20th January 2015
Christmas Wreath Making
A Creative Life

Getting My Christmas Craft On

  I mentioned last week that I had manage to carve out some “me time” and escape for an evening’s Christmas Wreath workshop. A couple of weeks ago I also attended a Christmas Craft Corner class run my friend Cher one Tuesday morning, Imogen came…

10th December 2014