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Blogtacular Photowalk West 2016 – Notting Hill & Photowalk Tips

28th May 2017

It’s less than two weeks until Blogtacular – the unmissable London event for creative bloggers. I never got round to sharing the photos from the Blogtacular Photowalk I went on last year. I love looking back on them so it seems a good time to share them now whilst I’m preparing to attend this year’s Blogtacular.

The Blogtacular Photo and Video Walks

The photowalks and videowalk are an additional event happening the day before the conference. Places are assigned to Blogtacular attendees via a lottery system and if you are going to this year’s Blogtacular then you have until Monday 29th May to sign up for a photowalk or videowalk place.

2016 Blogtacular Photowalk West – Notting Hill

Last year, I was lucky enough to bag a place on the Photowalk West which took place in super Instagram-friendly Notting Hill. The walk was led by Natasha Denness and Kirstabel Plummer.

What is a Photo Walk?

Pretty much what it says on the tin – a couple of hours walking around an area taking photos or videos. Pick an area of interest then snap away at sights that grab you – doorways, flowers, signs, shop fronts, vintage cars, bikes, dogs, passersby – and don’t forget to find at interesting background to take a few selfies. If you are going on the photo walk with others, then ask them to take some photos of you too. As well as the Blogtacular Photowalks, there’s several other photowalks, run by tour guides, bloggers, Instagram communities etc. It’s a great way to spend a couple of creative hours, get some shots for your blog, Instagram or profile pictures and get to see areas you have’t explored before.

Photo Friendly Places in Notting Hill

Kensington Place & Around


We started off in the old fashioned streets (around Kensington Place) to the south of Notting Hill Gate tube station. This is in the opposite direction the famous Portbello Market and was pretty quiet on a Friday afternoon.

Pembridge Road & Portbello Road

Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016 Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016

We then crossed over Notting Hill Gate and headed towards the Market, down Pembridge Road.

Westbourne Grove – Wild At Heart & Ledbury Road

Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016 Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016 Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016

We took a right off of Portbello down Denbigh Close and walked through the back streets to get to Westbourne Grove. Here we found Wild At Heart, the florist that pops up A LOT on Instagram, and for good reason!

Wild At Heart have this fabulous green tiled wall, which is great for taking photos against! The photo above was taken by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch.

Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016 Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016

Then we walked up towards the junction with Ledbury Road to see some brightly coloured shops and street art.

Colville Mews / Road and Terrace
Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016 Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016

We walked back to Portobello Road via the Colvilles – Mews, Road and Terrace! The Mews is home to Temperley London and some gorgeous typically London mews houses. The Road and Terrace most more pastel and bright coloured Georgian terraces and quirky finds like this vintage car.

Photo Walk Tips

  1. Make sure you’ve got a full battery on your camera / phone and lots of free memory before you start!
  2. Dress for comfort and plan for the British weather.
  3. Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016You don’t need an exact plan but it’s good to have an idea of what there is to capture. Search Instagram for photos of the area to help.
  4. Snap street names just for your reference as if, you’re like me, you won’t exactly recall where you talk the photos when you look back.
  5. Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016Look for strong coloured / plain walls to take selfies or photos of others against.
  6. Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016Similarly, I love mirrored shots!
  7. Don’t be afraid to get in photos yourself.
  8. Blogtacular-Photowalk-West-Notting-Hill-2016You might want to use props – we used umbrellas and bright raincoats in shots here – though these were carried for practical purposes too. I’ve seen others use balloons.
  9. Explore the backstreets! The best houses and quirky finds were in the back streets and not on the main streets.
  10. Don’t feel like you have to follow the crowd – I love how everyone on this walk took photos of different things.
  11. If sharing on Instagram and on an organised walk, use the relevant hashtags for that event and find out what these are before the walk.
  12. Think about how you want to capture the walk. I juggle between proper camera photos and phone video footage / Boomerang for Instagram Stories.
  13. Remember to step out from behind the lens too and enjoy the experience!
  14. Have a planned finish point that involves some well deserved refreshments! You’ll need a break after a couple on your feet.

I hope this has inspired you to go on a Photowalk or take more photos when you are out and about. If you are at Blogtacular this year then I may bump into you – perhaps even on a photowalk (currently keeping fingers crossed for a place!). 

Find out more about Blogtacular –


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  • Reply Debbie Roberts 2nd June 2017 at 8:04 pm

    Hi Sian, I had never heard of organised photo walks before, but what a wonderful idea! The pictures you took around Notting Hill are lovely. I particularly like the stack of mugs and the buildings are all so colourful! I love your tips for getting the most from a photo walk too.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

    • Reply Sian 4th June 2017 at 11:13 am

      You should organise one in Greece! I know you like walks & photo taking!

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