Being a little sister {Living Arrows 49/52}

7th December 2015


Living Arrows is the weekly photo project that we take part in hosted by photographer

A couple of times a week, Seren will come home from school with a ‘well done’ sticker sticker stuck to her jumper. We stick them up on the blackboard in the kitchen. There are now quite a few and Imogen can reach the bottom row of stickers. One evening last week she came into the sitting room with 3 of the stickers stuck to her dress! She must have got them down and stuck them on herself. I’m guessing she is trying to copy her big sister. She quite often does things like this and I wonder how much of her childhood (or life!) she will spend trying to copy her and follow in her footsteps. I’m an elder child so seeing the sibling dynamic from her point of view is new to me and something I find fascinating!

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