Back To School

4th September 2017
Back to school


I love this time of year – a whole fresh academic year for the kids and it always feels like a new start for me too. In fact, if only I had some new shiny shoes (why don’t I?) I would have joined the girls in the shoe photos.

By the way, they sweetly chose the same school shoes! Though one is patent, one is plain leather. I’d have gone out of the way NOT to have the same shoes as my sister as a kid, though I guess things may change as they get older.

Back to schoolBack to school

S heads to Year 1 so I guess the real work starts now after the gentleness of Early Years. Imo starts on her Early Years journey and joins her sister at school in the nursery class. S is looking forward to seeing her buddies again and Imo is beyond excited – she’s been dropping her sister off at school since she was 1 and I have to drag her away most mornings. Now she gets to go too!

I have a new routine to remember and the shake up of after school and weekend activities too.

We are all craving the routine after the summer and I’m happy to get back to it. Though whether I’ll feel like that in a week or two, who knows!

Have a wonderful September and lots of luck to the new school starters and their families!


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  • Reply Emily H 4th September 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Awww what beautiful shoes. I wish I had those shoes when I was a little girl. Good luck, hope the school year goes well for the kiddies!

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