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2nd January 2014

crooklets-beachPhoto from our holiday to Bude last year, as you can’t beat sitting on a beach looking out to sea whilst making life plans

1.  The new arrival in spring time and how he or she fits into our family life is undoubtedly going to be the main focus for 2014! And will undoubtedly lead on to . . .

2. Nesting. I’ll be taking the bulk of 2014 as maternity leave so will be spending more time at home with my little ones. We have a couple of decorating projects to complete before spring, the new nursery, a big girl’s room for LS and tackling the spare room too. Not to mention a few downstairs rooms to finish off at some point!

3. Celebrating. My guilty pleasure this Christmas has been reading Pippa Middleton’s party planning book Celebrate. The bits I’ve especially enjoyed are the ideas for making simple family celebrations such as birthday breakfasts, picnics, Valentine’s Day and Easter, extra special. Her ideas include craft ideas for children and straightforward recipes. I’m feeling inspired to add a little oomph to these celebrations in our house! And now I’m suffering less with pregnancy hormones, I’d like to so some more cooking, baking and crafting in general both with LS and just for me.

4. Recording life. Obviously I blog and I also take 1000s of photos and am very good at sharing the best of those on social media (though need to get better at the boring stuff like cataloguing and back ups!). Something I don’t do is take video footage, it just never occurs to me to do which is ridiculous when you think how easy it is these days. So. I’d like to take more videos of LS playing and singing etc as I know these days will race past.

5. Being positive. I’m naturally a “glass half empty” person. Present me with an opportunity and I’ll immediately think of the risks and pitfalls. Recently I’ve found myself naturally gravitating towards those “glass half full” types who seem naturally optimistic and also appear to be happier and more successful which I’m sure is no coincidence. I’d like to try to be more like them especially as I think this type of character trait is often learned from those around us when we are children, hence my behaviour impacts LS’s development.

I hope you have a wonderful 2014, whatever your plans are!

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